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Tania's obsession for Talal only grows

Tania's obsession for Talal only grows

The drama “Sun Yara” written by Umer Khayam and directed by Danish Nawaz is a beautiful serial displaying the confounded feelings and showing the individuals caught up in a maze is now turning on a very edgy stance, where the consequences for Laali in her in laws are turning into a strange relationship.The character that Tania plays is a very strong role, being a sister in law of Laali she has her eyes on Talal who apparently shows zero interest towards Tania’s intention and is annoyed to the extreme of her existence hovering around him.

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The episode also shows the engagement party of  Kiran where Tania is plotting a bait to have Talal hooked in her cobweb. This annoys Talal to the extreme as his feelings are intense and has his hearts out already for Roshane at this point in time the other family members are not aware of the secret plannings Tania is creating which can turn into a massive change in everyone’s life.

  • Will Talal be able to save his sister’s marriage as its a complicated relationship ties between the two families which can be tainted or be saved simultaneously?
  • Will Laali be able to face her husband for the wishes that Tania intend to do?
  • Will Talal be able to get the love of her life?
  • Will Roshane doubt Talal’s commitment on their relationship?

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