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Do think what happened is correct? - Haq Meher

Do think what happened is correct? - Haq Meher

Haq Meher

Marriage is one of the important phases in one’s life and everyone wants it to be done in a proper way. ‘Haq Meher’ is a story about two young lovers who are deeply in love but due to the norms of the society they are restricted from meeting. The parents always want the safety of their child and the same thing Hira’s parents were seeking for. They were not getting the Nikkah done without receiving the haq meher.

Hira’s parents although asked for a high amount of haq meher but it was the house’s tradition which was being followed since a long time. The couple being madly in love would talk on the electronics the entire day and then also meet outside. This lead to the physical relationship between Hira and Shariq before the Rukhsati could take place. Hira is very upset and could not believe that this happened, she told Shariq about it but he acted as if nothing wrong happened.

Hira hid the incident from her mother while she kept asking the reason of her crying. Well, Zubair who is Hira’s father went to get the check cashed that was received as the haq meher but the bank account was empty. Zubair and Mazhar both decided not to disclose this in front of the family, a lot of secrets are piling up and this will eventually lead to a lot of confusions.

Getting the Nikkah done and then wait for years till the Rukhsati always lead to some mishaps, regardless of the haq meher given or not but being involved in physical activities is highly not accepted. Watch ‘Haq Meher’ every Friday at 7:00 pm to see what will happen next. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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