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Do you think they should split up?

Do you think they should split up?


Marriage is one of the important phases in one’s life which is done by mutual understanding between the spouses. If the understanding and compromising element is absent in the relationship it gets really difficult for it to go on. In ARY Digital’s dramas ‘Arranged Marriage’ ‘Koi Nahi Apna’ and ‘Soteli’ all three couples are facing the same problem of splitting up by divorcing and dissolving the relationship.

Arranged Marriage

‘Arranged Marriage’ is a story about Roshanay and Ahmed who tied a knot in an arranged marriage for the love of the family. But Ahmed is in love with Meeral who is his university love and she is not comfortable seeing Ahmed married to someone else. She is brainwashing Ahmed to get rid of Roshanay which is making the situation difficult. In this case Ahmed gave Roshanay the Khula Name and asked her to sign on it, but Roshi being the strong woman refused to do so and is waiting till for Ahmed to realize her love for him.

Koi Nahi Apna

Love marriages last for long while some don’t, Hamza and Alveera had a love marriage but it didn’t work out for them. Alveera is a rich daddy’s princess and she wanted Hamza to fulfill her wants and in doing his best, Hamza couldn’t give equal time to his family. Misunderstandings kept pilling on and due to tension and stress it leads Alveera with a miscarriage, her dad was never happy with this relationship and wanted her to marry Zaka. Taking the advantage of the situation Alveera’s dad sent the Khula Name to Hamza on Alveera’s behalf while she didn’t know about it.


Step mothers cannot replace the mother’s love no matter what happens. The same incident has happened with Fariya who is Meekal’s step-mother and as they are known to be cruel to the child Fariya had followed the same footsteps. She is unkind to him and the poor child writes letters to express his feelings because he couldn’t utter a word to anyone. But one fine day his father, Waleed got hold of the letters and came to know the truth about Fariya and Meekal’s feeling about all this. The anger and regret was so strong that forced Waleed to ask for a divorce and Fariya was not accepting it.

Watch the episodes yourself and suggest whether they should split up or not.