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Thora Sa Haq delineates egocentrism always loses and empathy always wins

Thora Sa Haq delineates egocentrism always loses and empathy always wins

Known for sprinkling their charm loaded with perfect chemistry over our screens in Koi Chand Rakh, we were certain Ayeza Khan and Imran Abbas will hold us spellbound with their new drama Thora Sa Haq. Little did we know the drama would set a benchmark in the entertainment scene of Pakistan.

Apart from its exceptional television viewership, every episode of the drama instantly garners millions of views on YouTube. It is mainly due to the presence of exceptionally talented actors in the ensemble cast and an immensely captivating storyline right from the start.

The drama starts off delineating two brothers living under the same roof with their families. The younger brother, Waqar and his son, Zamin work in the company of his elder brother, Iftikhar. Zamin is in love with Iftikhar’s daughter Hareem and they both are engaged.

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However, the wives of both brothers hate their third brother, Aijaz, who lives alongside his daughter, Seher in Hyderabad. Seher is an independent girl who earns through tuitions. She is all set to get married and her ailing father is looking after all the arrangements. He is in contact with Waqar and he invites him to the wedding. Notwithstanding his wife’s disapproval, Waqar takes Zamin to Seher’s wedding in Hyderabad.

Upon coming to know about their departure, Iftikhar’s wife, Rabia gets furious and asks Hareem to keep an eye on Zamin because his actions are similar to Aijaz’s.

Meanwhile, in Hyderabad, the groom runs away and as a result, Aijaz gets seriously sick, asking Waqar to take care of his daughter after he dies. Waqar requests Zamin to marry her for the sake of Aijaz’s health. They get married but Aijaz passes away.

In a turn of events, Sehar is brought back to Karachi after the demise of her father, but Rabia does not welcome her because of old grievances with Aijaz. Albeit being Zamin’s wife, she ends up in the servant quarter, pretty much becoming one.

Due to uneasiness at home, Waqar is stressed and he wants to make things right anyhow, but he passes away in an accident. Sehar gets blamed for every bad thing happening at the house.

Hareem and Zamin are all set to get married but Zamin tells her the truth about Sehar. Despite his marriage with Sehar, she still marries Zamin and another set of miseries start for Sehar. But she is not the only one who is suffering now, Hareem and Zamin also go through pretty much the same ordeal.

Sehar is forced back to Hyderabad and understanding his responsibilities as a husband, Zamin goes to bring her back, telling her how important she is for him. However, Rabia sends goons to beat Zamin, so much so that he ends up in a hospital. Sehar and Zamin realize they have fallen in love with each other. They decide to get back to Karachi and live in a separate house.

Rabia, Zamin’s mother, and Hareem humiliate Sehar in her own house, calling her a magician, witch, etc. Sehar’s calmness and resilience make Zamin love her more with every passing day. So much so, he does not get very happy when he comes to know Hareem is going to be a mother.

Hareem starts living in Sehar’s house and Sehar accepts her as Zamin’s second wife but Hareem does not. She pretends to fall, accusing Sehar of pushing her. Later, Zamin tells her that he knows the truth, and he does not love her anymore.

Despite not being able to stand in support of Sehar for a long time, Zamin finally confronts his mother and Rabia and blames them for conspiring against Sehar whenever they got a chance. He confesses of his love for Sehar. In response, Rabia shows him photos of her with Rafay. He rubbishes the photos, telling them he trusts his wife no matter what happens. He not only trusts Sehar but also Hareem, speaks about how he will never believe anything like that about Hareem either.

Hareem’s father requests Sehar to take the divorce from Zamin to save his daughter’s house. She agrees and hands over the divorce papers to Zamin before leaving. Meanwhile, Hareem not only confronts her mother, blaming her for ruining many lives but also tells Zamin about Sehar’s pregnancy and that he cannot divorce her anymore, given that she is going to be a mother soon.

Heartbroken Hareem decides to leave the country and Zamin’s mother asks him to take her with him. She finds out Sehar’s whereabouts and informs Zamin, leaving Rabia alone. Neither did Hareem nor Zamin or Munazza leave Rabia, but her selfishness and ego ruined her life.

Zamin finds Sehar and they live happily ever after with an abundance of love and contentment galore.

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