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Top Reasons You Should Binge-Watch 'Visaal'

Top Reasons You Should Binge-Watch 'Visaal'

Visaal happens to be an instant hit garnering immaculate praise for so many reasons. Dramas like Visaal are intensively admired, especially among the Pakistani populace since these dramas portray a simple way of living and a lifestyle majority of people can relate to. It’s just Visaal’s seventh episode and all the fans are already flabbergasted by the extensive amount of uniform climax in each episode. As soon as they seem to fully understand where the story is actually proceeding, the very next episode dissolves all their concepts and theories making them spend another week to comprehend the existing story.

VisaalAlbeit having been portrayed as an antagonist, Akku, played by the dynamic Zahid Ahmed, has set new boundaries with his stellar performance in the drama. Be it playing a feudal lord in Pukaar or emerging as a con to an intelligently pious man in Visaal, Zahid knows how to blend into each character with absolute mastery, so much so that the thespian has become everybody’s favorite.

VisaalAnother reason to watch this visual treat is the presence of exceptionally gorgeous Hania Aamir in it. In spite of not working excessively in dramas, she has proved to be an ultimate stunner with her spectacular performance in Visaal. The prima donna has won over million hearts with her cute dimply smile and has gotten all the viewers weep with her pristine sorrowful personification.

VisaalIf you have been thinking Akku to be the ultimate antagonist of this drama think again. Has he done anything to hurt someone as of the seventh episode? Well, he has not tarnished his best friend’s reputation neither has he become jealous of anyone. Naheed, played by Saboor Ali, appears to be the ultimate villain of Visaal. Albeit admiring Naheed for being her loyal friend, Pari has had no clue of Naheed digging a ditch that ended up swallowing her supposed best friend.

VisaalHashim Nadeem’s story and Ali Hasan’s direction have made this drama a huge success, squashing all charts of popularity, setting new boundaries for the upcoming dramas. Very subtly, the drama delineates Akku falling in love with Pari and then his proposal landing in Naheed’s house. The roller-coaster of climax come to a strange turn when his proposal for Naheed is accepted.

The preview of next episode of Visaal displays Naheed and Akku’s Nikkah ceremony followed by the divulgence of his unexpected bride. A good teaser ignites abundant questions and the teaser of the eighth episode has created just the right amount of curiosity in the minds of all spectators.

In order to keep track of this whole visual treat, embellished with emotions and excitement, click here.

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