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Tum Milay - Will Ibrahim Succeed In His Evil Plot?

Tum Milay - Will Ibrahim Succeed In His Evil Plot?

The heat between Nimra and Jibran keeps on getting better and that’s yet another reason to watch Tum Milay. They both know exactly what they feel for each other and yet there is so much that just doesn’t seem right!

On the other hand Ibrahim continues to plot and tries to make a compete fool out of Mirza Sahab, the evil in his eyes is clearly visible. Rehmat bua tells Ibrahim how depressed Mirza Sahab was when Nimra returned his presents and stormed out.

Ibrahim ‘promises’ to make things right for this house, but we all are aware of his intentions which are no good. Ibrahim then apologizes to Nimra, making her believe that he’s a changed man,the sad part is that Nimra falls for his trick, and accepts his present.

The show also shows that Mirza Sahaab has fallen sick and Nimra is extremely depressed about it, his heart attack will probably kill him. Rehmat bua complains to Nimra that she’s the reason of all this trauma that Mirza Saahab is going through. But now let’s hope the relationship between granddaughter and grandfather is restored.

On the other hand, Hooriya doesn’t bring any presents for Nimra and makes all kinds of lame excuses for that, this upsets Faakhra and that proves how much she cares about Nimra.

We also see that Asad’s and Nimra’s conversation really ticks Hooriya off, she continues to make the entire situation even more dramatic calling it ‘tajdeed-e-wafa ka scene.’  All this really bothers Asad and he later argues with his mother asking her to just leave him alone.

Now that Nimra has forgiven her grandfather do you think their relationship will get any better? Will Ibrahim succeed in his evil plotting? How will Jibran marry Nimra if his own grandmother isn’t willing? So many questions, twists and turns come into picture. If you want know further, don’t forget to watch Tum Milay on Monday’s at 9.00 PM only on ARY Digital.






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