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Should you watch ‘Operation 021’?

Should you watch ‘Operation 021’?

Operation 021

The client entering in a market tries to locate the best possible outlet where the desired object can be found. The attention that is grabbed of the buyer is by the glamorous surrounding, the outlet that is advertised, which demands huge amount of money. Living in an industrial era surrounded by different sorts of industries is very difficult to make a mark but still everyone is trying their best. Among them is the film industry like any other industry of our society which has a major role in one’s life.

Industries produces and develop products, these products are so designed to fulfill the demands of customers. The entertainment industry is unique in its kind holds the attention of audiences or gives pleasure and delight to them. We the customers of this industry try to seek pleasure and amusement according to the genre of their own liking. In a society thrashed with sorrow and grief the importance and significance of this industry increases many folds. Taking a closer look on it one finds that like all other institutions this too is on the verge of decline.


Evident from the fact, that we are releasing two films in comparison to the 80’s films that our industry used to produce, from ‘Teri Yaad’ to ‘Aina’ getting diamond jubilee. That part consists of many golden and silver jubilee films. Islam has and is the major obstacle in the development and progress of our film industry. The introduction of the “ganda sa culture” and the Pashto films becoming more and more vulgar were all the results when Islam was over shadowed by these films. With darkness there is dawn that has descended upon us by Shoaib Mansoor in the form of ‘Khuda Kay Liye’ and ‘Bol’ on some controversial themes. The future of cinema culture is no longer a question with ‘Waar’ we have introduced a new genre to the audience of Pakistan .But the question is, the masses first have to understand the language of which they have meager knowledge. Targeting the educated class will result in the short burst of success. English language films cannot work well among the masses as many of them will not understand the conversation happening in the movie.

As a matter of fact movies are the reflections of our society but of the whole society not a part of it. The ‘Operation 021’ though beautifully delivered has made some people to think that the entertainment level of us Pakistanis is so high that we can only be satisfied by political matters. We are unable to connect to the masses the movies with entertainment factor are missing and not many enjoy these dark films, the audience based movies are not produced. If we are to move to the formula of blockbuster after blockbuster we must have to find means to introduce films like ‘Na Maloom Afraad’.

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi

The best example in this regard is that of ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’ where one can connect, the evilness shown by the upper class are all way too pleasing for a common man. The Lollywood talent on reaching its zenith moves towards Bollywood where films are dominated by mindless comedy. It is thus the choice of these film makers how they put it. If we continue to make films like ‘Operation 021’ we wouldn’t be able to pull the masses for long.