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Will the death of Obaid leave his daughter stranded?

Will the death of Obaid leave his daughter stranded?

After the decision of filing the case against Adil, Tooba and his father are firm on it. They did go to police to complain about the man who’s the sole cause of the destruction of their family, but were unable to find any decent results. Tooba’s mother in law has made it clear that if a case is filed against Adil, she will ask Omair to divorce her. Is that a reasonable decision? I don’t think so.. there are always two sides of a coin which should be looked at.

On the other hand, Adil’s father landed to Pakistan only to reveal the truth which he is unaware of, the fact that his son did rape and murder two girls will certainly shatter him and he’ll for sure put Adil behind bars! Adil’s mother is well aware of what her son did but yet the woman isn’t revealing the truth, shouldn’t she be worried about this entire family and what they are suffering because of Adil?  She only wants to protect her evil son.

Furthermore, when Tooba was questioned regarding the case – the officer made sure to get her uncomfortable so she can take the case back, another plotting of Adil it was. For a father, his daughter’s honor means the world but that was being taken away by all the interrogation and all that lead to over thinking and death of Obaid. The only ray of light, and hope for his daughter’s now gone. What will they do now? How will the true colors of Adil be revealed?

The crook is now content with the death of a man who was after him and revealing his evil face. Tooba has lost everything to Adil, her honor, her parents and her husband. How is it that he hasn’t faced the music yet? How is he still out breathing the fresh air while Tooba and her family suffers? How is this fair?

Ghayal is now making us all hooked to it which is why missing out on the show wouldn’t be such a good idea. Stay tuned to ARY Digital on Thursdays at 8.00 pm.




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