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Will Lali be able to deal with a bipolar husband?

Will Lali be able to deal with a bipolar husband?

The previous episode of Sun Yaara was another step forward in the story, and situation where Roshane’s father fell ill lead to Talal visiting them in Pindi made it certain about Talal’s feelings for Roshane. The chemistry between the two is only rising and they are finally getting somewhere. However, well the two tie the knot?

On the other hand, Lali’s husband is very unpredictable who doesn’t want his mother to get upset under any circumstances. Not marrying Hina with Mohid wasn’t in the hands of Lali but, she should’ve mentioned the truth to Saif and her mother in law. Saif’s behavior towards Lali was obviously expected, but what more can he do to hurt his wife in condition that she’s in now?

The drama is gradually flaunting the chemistry of Talal and Roshane and we all want to see them together.. but do you think another problem for Lali will rise if Talal isn’t married to Tanya? That is a very high possibility as all of us are aware of Lali’s in laws.

The part where Tanya blatantly flirted with Talal when he came over cleared how low can that girl stoop. It’s true that Talal has zero feelings for her and probably see his future with Roshane. Do you think Talal will marry Tanya under any pressure? To save his sister’s marriage will he compromise his sanity? Or do you think Talal will ever confess his love to Roshane? Will Lali be pleased with Saif or is he going to continue being a pain for her? He should realize or learn to treat his mother and wife as equal, rather than giving his mother priority in every situation.

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