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Will Mehwish Agree To Marry Her Daughter's Fiancé?

Will Mehwish Agree To Marry Her Daughter's Fiancé?

Teri Chah Mein – the show starts off with the goal oriented women who is the sole bread earner of her family, living with her two kids, a son and a daughter. Her husband is unwell and not able to be the ‘head.’ Maria Wasti’s daughter Zara is engaged to be married to her first cousin who is also her father’s nephew.

Zara is head over heels in love with her cousin Faisal and is eager to be married to him, her perfect dream is about to transform into reality when her wedding dates are fixed. Zara is a loving girl whose the sweet heart of her father and her brother, like an ideal wife material.


On the other hand Faisal has some other plans which includes being married to his ‘Chachi’ – that is Maria Wasti, and that’s where the plot of the entire show shifts. The ridiculous confession leaves Maria Wasti aka Mehwish, getting furious and in return yelling at Faisal for even bringing the thought to his mind. Sadly this conversation didn’t last between these two, Meshwish’s husband over hears this ‘chat’ and his week body is unable to handle it.

Ultimately the shock leads to the hospital bed and he passes away.

Teri Chah Mein adds a new spice to the drama serial that are shown by ARY Digital. Are you curious to find out what happens next? Will Zara ever find out what her ‘fiancé,’ who she loves confessed to her mother? Will Mehwish agree to Faisal’s proposal? How will the family cope up with this sad news of their loved one passing away? How will the story now take turns? If you are as eager as us don’t miss out on this fabulous show, Teri Chah Mein only on ARY Digital on Wednesdays at 9 PM.