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Will Mishkaat Ever Find Her Solace Again?

Will Mishkaat Ever Find Her Solace Again?

The episode of drama Yeh Ishq displays the emotions of Mishkaat towards Maaz as he was ailing in this episode and Mishkaat was really upset for him. The play also showed the cruel intentions of Mishkaat’s step mother who is creating problems for her as she mocks her in every way and restrict her ways in family matters.

Mishkaat at last told Maaz how much she loved him but there was this emptiness that she could not fulfill and fails to confront everyone talking about her character and blaming her for making a trap against Maaz, however she feels pain everyday and wanted to meet her mother to make herself clear and tell her every bit of the truth of the situation. With the confrontation of her in-laws the she was too fragile for the consequences.

The core scene of the play was when Mishkaat tagged along with her step mother and Maaz’s mother for some shopping and Mishkaat saw her ex-fiancé in the mall so she instantly followed him just to have a word , while she took permission from her mother-in-law and spent a little time with her ex-fiancé she told him that the nikkah was enforced on her and that she was trapped and Anna Ji lied to her in every way. Ahmed decided to take this all to her mother so that she should know the other side of the story aswell, their meeting was seen by Mishkaat’s step mother and she caught the moment on record to exploit her more.

Is there any possibility for doors to be opened for Mishkaat to see her mother again?

Will Mishkaat’s stepmother create a menace plot against her that will damage her relation with Maaz?

Will Mishkaat find her solace again?

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