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Will Noor grow up to be an epitome of courage?

Will Noor grow up to be an epitome of courage?

The previous episode of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai began with how terribly Mahi is worried that the love of her life is mingling with another woman, after venting to Sanam – Mahi realizes that she can’t expect Zain to wait for her forever and not move on. There’s no doubt that Zain still loves Mahi and even Kashmala noticed that. How could he not? She was his one true love nad they have a child together.

Their love story has been stagnant since Noor entered in their lives, but the fact that Kashmala wants Zain can’t be ignored. Will the two end up together? Arshi as always wants him to settle down. On the other hand, Noor misses Mikael and his fever made it clear how awfully attached he is to Mikael, he practically raises the kid – and Noor looks up to him, he’s like the father he nevr had.

Furthermore, the obsession of Kashmala for Zain only rises. Her mother finally confronts Zain and lets him know that he should either straight up let Kashmala know that he can’t be with her or just marry her. What will he do? The chemistry of Mikael and Mahi is quite the talk, how will that affect everything?

The idea of Mikalel and Mahi together is driving Zain nuts, the part where he storms up to Mikael and gives him a hard time about how he is trying to woo Mahi in his trap made it certain that his love for her is endless. Story moved forward when Arshi’s bitter words forces Mahi to quit her job.

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai moved forward with Noor growing up and getting mocked by various kids at his school, sadly the boy is unaware of why is he called ‘dhanno’ and other mean names. It’s a good thing Mikael is there for him and and Mahi through their highs and lows. Will Zain tie the knot with Kashmala? Will Mahi be able to give the equality to Noor as other regular people one day? How else will Khuda Mera Bhi Hai keep their audience intrigued?

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