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Will Shahab leave Jaana for Sumera?

Will Shahab leave Jaana for Sumera?

The man who always promised to be by his wife’s side through all the thick and thin went back from his word. Shahab marrying Jaana was probably the worst heartache he could give to Sumera and his family, did he not once think about his daughter or the baby who was on its way to this world? How could he be this cold hearted?

Sumera finally found out that these two have tied the knot and Shahab obviously couldn’t swear upon Sumera and Dania that he hasn’t done such thing, hence the truth was revealed. This came as a shock and Sumera lost her baby! Shahab is the cause of all the misery that Sumera went through, not just she lost her baby but will never be blessed with another child. Jaana has seriously done her work and broke this happy family into pieces.

Waada is now at a point where it’s impossible to miss an episode, does Shahab really love Sumera? If he does, will he leave Jaana for her? Or Jaana will continue to make their lives a living hell! Shahab’s mother is as broken as Sumera, how could he do something as awful as that. Marrying a maid and making her your honor? Did he not once think about Dania? What kind of impression would that leave on her about her father?

His sister, his mother and his wife hate him, they all are heartbroken and probably don’t know what to do. It’s impossible for him to ever justify himself for what he did, he was happily married to a woman and his daughter is  a complete source of happiness for him, if he was un happy, this second marriage was understandable.

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