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Will Tooba be able to reveal Adil's true face?

Will Tooba be able to reveal Adil's true face?

Adil very effortlessly blamed Tooba for everything that happened to her, he made the entire family believe that she is a character less woman who had a love affair with another man and lost her honor. Ghayal is now at a point where all of us are  eager to find more.

It’s a good thing that Tooba has taken a stand for herself and is clear about the fact that she will reveal Adil’s true face. Looks like there’s a lot that Omair needs to face, he did love Tooba to bits and he does believe whatever Adil said. Their relationship will hit rock bottom if Omair doesn’t believe her. Could he be more shallow and selfish that he ignored his wife’s love?

Tooba was kicked out of her house for the mistakes she never committed, and her life is already at a place where her happiness is about to hit downfall. The duo has drifted apart. Honestly, it’s really disappointing that her in law deserted her.

Adil now wants his in laws to run an investigation and find out if he actually ever molested Tooba, he’s a clever man who knows that the investigation will never take place as his wife is head over heels in love with her. How stupid can someone be to trust a man blindfolded?

This fate is worse than death, Tooba lost the love of her life, her integrity and her sanity only to a man who deserves to be thrown behind the bars. What goes around comes around, and I believe that Adil will and he should face the consequences of the evils that has committed.

Tooba and Adil had already parted their ways, it’s odd that he’s still on the mission to make her life a living hell. Will Tooba be able avenge herself? or will Adil get away from these lies too? Is Omair going to divorce Tooba? Will Adil’s true face ever be revealed or will he continue to be as evil as he is?

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