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Why won't Parisa break the news of her tragedy to everyone?

Why won't Parisa break the news of her tragedy to everyone?

It has been finally revealed that Mehmood is the man who ruined Parisa, took away her purity as a child and  left her walking like a soul less body. A man who has been so loyal or at least pretended to be that turned out to be a coward and phony. Now we know why was he so anti “Parisa-Armaan” marriage, he knew that she might actually wipe out his sanity.

Looking for spiritual help to get Parisa off of his back seems a petty move, what goes around comes around. Do you think he can run from his fate? He did commit a sin and deserves be thrown behind bars!

On the other hand Parisa is being forced into forgetting Armaan and moving on, but she is persistent about her life partner. Amidst all the hassle Mehmood resigns and refuses to trade his son for money and Parisa, all of this instantly affects Parisa’s mother as she knew that her business is handled by Mehmood well. It’s obvious that all of this is bothering her a lot.

The fun part of previous episode was when Armaan put up an act with his female friend and tried to make Parisa and her aunt believe that they are together which is why he shouldn’t be forced into this marriage. Clever? Sadly the drama didn’t last long and the reality unraveled. Parisa suddenly is now satisfied.

Forcing Armaan in this marriage won’t change whatever happened to Parisa in past and her way of revenge seems sweet. Now that she is firm on her decision and she wants Armaan no matter what, how will that happen? What else will Mehmood do to avoid this situation? Will everyone find out what Mehmood did to Parisa?

If you intend to find the answers then it’s best not to miss out on the next episode of Muqabil on Tuesdays only on ARY Digital.


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