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Who Wouldn't Want To Dance With These Ladies In Red?

Who Wouldn't Want To Dance With These Ladies In Red?

The color Red symbolizes passion, zest for life, excitement and so much more, but for now let’s just focus on the fact that there are certain celebrities who look drop dead gorgeous in the color Red! Desi or videsi, they just pull it off pretty damn nice. These beauties have proved that no matter what – when in doubt wear Red! We randomly picked out few female celebrities who will make you go Oh My God. Promise!

Mahira Khan :

The Cinderella look alike actress can pull off everything, weather its a striped tank top or a sexy gown, all she needs to do is just open her hair down and flash that killing smile!


Ayezah Khan :

This stylish diva can make your jaws drop in no time, the successful actress has gained a lot of popularity at a very young age and nobody can deny that! Who can tell that she has a baby?


Mehwish Hayat :

With that beautiful tiara and gorgeous gown, Mehwish looks dazzlingly beautiful and the Dil Lagi actress has given many men out there a dil ki lagi. Agreed?


When we’re talking about these Red shades, why miss out on the lovely Bollywood celebrities? Go ahead, scroll down!

Kareena Kapoor :

This women can seriously makes us all feel horrible about the fact that we have shut the doors of a gym on us ! This mommy to be has been a size zero for the longest time, and its about time we start making her our fitness guru.


Bipasha Basu :

The newlywed superstar looks beyond stunning is this Red dress and she’s surely our new style crush, do you think so too? Those dimples are just another gem on a crown!


Priyanka Chopra :

So she’s an all rounder, after gaining the lap of luxury in Bollywood, she now has touched the skies in Hollywood too. The Quantico actress looks magical in this Red dress.The actress has a nightingale voice that can make you move with the groove!


Alright, so now that we have had a good look on these beautiful women above, let’s gander over some more ladies who are flamboyant in every great way possible.

Kate Middleton :

The fashion-thrifty Duchess never fails to astound us all, its a routine that she’s spotted in a masterpiece designer dress every time she walks out. She looks flawless head to toe in in this ravishing Red.


Scarlet Johansson :

Just look at that marvelous dress? She gives us all women a lot of major fashion goals and there’s no doubt that this hottie is a dream girl of every man who walks on Earth. True story!


Nina Dobrev :

Finally, we present you the actress who can mend a broken heart with just the bat of those lashes. The Vampire Diaries actress is no less than a queen. She has the looks that most of us can just dream of having in reality! Sigh*