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Your Ramazan is incomplete without all these things

Your Ramazan is incomplete without all these things



For the last three years  Junaid Jamshed  has been surprising us with his beautiful naats, prayers, a very friendly smile and amazing stories on Sehri and Iftar on Shaane-e-Ramazan. People need something to get their minds off of the hectic long day at work and I think it’s a perfect getaway.

Iftar menu:


You can’t deny it, In Ramazan, we all go overboard with our munching. Unless doodh soda, dates,  Ammi’s fruit chaat, pakoray, and dahi phulki aren’t on the table, the Iftari seems incomplete.  We all know we eat enough in Iftar that the feeling of ‘explosion of tummy’ comes in but again try and stop us because we deserve it after a long no food day 🙂

Sehri menu :


Sehri is incomplete without chaai, desi ghee ke parathey and makhan, even though some of us tend to have ‘healthy’ food like porridge and milk but that’s no fun is it? the smell of a paratha is more then enough to get your tummy growling.

Night matches:


When Ramazan arrives, the night cricket fever picks up. All the boys come out at after Taraweeh and turn the streets into pitches. If you happen to live in a colony where boys do then it’s easy you’d hear them shouting all kinds of noises which kind of funny. The noises and crowd would be louder on the weekends as that’s when offices are off too. Good luck living around a boy filled colony!

Taraavi :

We can’t forget how we all, well most of us would go for taraavi every day and meet our fellow friends, cousins etc. Last year a friend of mine organized taraavi sessions at his own place, which was a lot more convenient.

While you’re celebrating, don’t forget the less privileged ones. Add charity to your routine and collect more blessings.

Ramazan Mubarak! 🙂



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