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"What a sick Joke!" Fans of Better Call Saul vent after 2022 Emmy Awards

"What a sick Joke!" Fans of Better Call Saul vent after 2022 Emmy Awards

Another Emmy, another year of Better Call Saul (BCS) snubs. Abundant fans of the critically acclaimed television series deem it a “sick joke.”

The glamorous 74th Emmy Awards took place Monday evening, and notwithstanding its seven nominations, the makers, cast, and team of Breaking Bad’s prequel/sequel walked away empty-handed.

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Since the spinoff to one of the greatest television dramas ever, premiered in 2015, it managed to bag as many as 46 nominations in various categories. Amid unwavering appreciation, exceptional writing, and extraordinary performances from all actors, BCS never took a single Emmy Award during these six seasons.

Better call Saul features the extensively talented Bob Odenkirk as the ace lawyer Jimmy McGill, later transforming into his alter-ego Saul Goodman, who we are all familiar with, from Breaking Bad. He has given stellar performance, to say the least, in all these seasons and fans quickly recall how he had suffered a heart attack on the set of the final season.


Any hit show can have a top-notch lead, but what makes BCS so special is the brilliant supporting actors, including Jonathan Banks (Mike), Giancarlo Esposito (Gus), Michael Mando (Nacho), Tony Delton (Lalo), and of course Rhea Seehorn (Kim).

Following this year’s round of snubs, fans flooded social media to express their disappointment with the results. Some even quoted Chuck McGill’s “What a sick joke!”


Only the first seven episodes of the BCS finale were considered for the 2022 Emmy’s, which means the final six episodes will still be eligible for the 2023 Emmy Awards.

Do you think 2023 may be the year Emmy Awards will accept the Better Call Saul majesty? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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