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Aik Sitam Aur | Sacrifices and Revenge

Aik Sitam Aur | Sacrifices and Revenge

The premise of Aik Sitam Aur is revolving around the life struggle and tragedies of Zainab, her daughter Ushna and the spiteful behavior of her brothers Rafaqat, Shujaat, and their wives.

Zainabโ€™s life became a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs as she struggles to make her ends meet and find a refuge for her daughter and herself.

On the other hand Naeema, the paralyzed wife of Wahab wants her husband to remarry so their family can be better-taken care of.

The twist & turns of the story will keep the audience engrossed and stick to their screens throughout the drama.

Maria Wasti as Zainab is aย widow with a grownup daughter Ushna, who is struggling to make ends meet. She agrees to marry Wahab with a heavy heart just to find refuge and a better future for her daughter.

Anmol Baloch as Ushna is an Intelligent girl with a clear understanding of her spoiled circumstances, she is oblivious to the fact that she is an adopted child of Zainab.

Sajid Hassan as Wahab is a 50-year-old affluent father of a son whose wheelchair-ridden wife wants him to remarry.

Rubina Ashraf as Naeema is the paralyzed wife of Wahab who is concerned about the future of her family. Some relations are mere obligations that life throws on you.

Usama Khan as Shahroz is a foreign graduate, who is an arrogant and stubborn young man. He holds his father, Wahab responsible for her mother Naeemaโ€™s condition.

Shahood Alvi as Rafaqat andย Ayeshaย Gul asย Raissaย along with their children, Srha Asgr as Sadaf and Salman Saeed as Sufyan have never been a strong support to Zainab.

Adnan Jilani as Shujat, Javeria Abbasi as Mehnaz and Fahad Khan as Huzaifa is a family of three. Fahad is having an affair with Sadaf but the moment theyโ€™ve been caught red-handed, Fahad denies the affair by calling Sadaf his sister.

Written By: Rehana Aftab

Directed By: Ilyas Kashmiri

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  • Usama Khan
  • Anmol Baloch
  • Sajid Hasan
  • Rubina Ashraf
  • Maria Wasti
  • Shahood Alvi
  • Adnan Jilani
  • Javeria Abbasi
  • Ayesha Gul
  • Salman Saeed
  • Srha Asgr
  • Fahad Khan
  • Mehrunisa Iqbal

Aik Sitam Aur is starting today, 21st March, and will be aired every Monday – Thursday at 9:00 pm, only on ARY Digital.