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Aiman is finally happy in Bhool

Aiman is finally happy in Bhool

People look forward to Wednesdays because of the drama serial, Bhool that has garnered immaculate praise and success for all the right reasons. It depicts the very reality of the unpredictability of life and people in it.

It starts with Awais and Aiman being so much in love with each other. In spite of the rebuttal, they get married but due to a few differences, they get separated. The society we live in rarely accepts a separated or divorced woman and Bhool is the perfect depiction of this harrowing issue.

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Aiman not only endures embarrassment from the people who come to know of her reality, but her family also treats their blood like a stranger who is not welcomed at home. At the top of it, the existence of her daughter Ayesha is questioned miserably in a society whose daughters are known to be blessings for their parents.

After years of distress and havoc, she finally finds a pinch of happiness when her daughter falls in love with Imran. Imran asks his mother to formally go to Aiman for Ayesha’s hand and she agrees. However, his mother gets confused after learning about Aiman’s past through her brother’s spouse because her brother’s daughter Sidra also liked Imran.

Meanwhile, Aiman gets diagnosed with cancer but she hides it from her daughter. In a turn of events, Aiman and Awais reunite because of Ayesha and he insists both of them to live in his house because of Aiman’s deteriorating condition. On the other hand, Imran tells his mother that he will marry no one but Ayesha and she agrees. Soon, his father also arrives and desires to meet Ayesha.

Upon their meeting in the hospital, Sidra appears revealing everything about Aiman’s past due to which Imran’s father leaves. But only to come back asking for Ayesha’s hand for Imran after getting to know of Sidra and her mother’s real face. Aiman finally feels genuinely happy that she is going to watch her daughter in a bridal dress.

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