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'Aisi Hai Tanhai' Breaking Barriers!

'Aisi Hai Tanhai' Breaking Barriers!

Aisi Hai Tanhai is unarguably the drama that has shaken the entire Pakistani populace with its extraordinary script and exceptional ensemble cast incorporating the gorgeous, Sonya Hussyn, the dapper, Sami Khan, along with Nadia Khan and the veteran actress, Saba Hameed. Aisi Hai Tanhai depicts one of the most pivotal issues of Pakistan, Cybercrime, and its effect on the entire families, let alone an individual.

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The drama has managed to cater a very powerful message with total subtlety, getting it to garner infinite praise across Pakistan and from the international audience through ARY Digital. The drama delineates a college relationship and their exchange of intimate text messages. The drama unfolds with the boy, asking for bold photos from the girl by blackmailing her emotionally. When the girl brings her phone, stuffed with photos, two street criminals snatch her phone, resulting in her photos getting leaked.

The plethora of intense torture and excessive depression exhibits the story of Pakeeza, played by Sonya Hussyn and her never-ending suffering. Aisi Hai Tanhai also includes the harrowing decisions a mother is forced to take in order to sustain the lost dignity of her family.

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Aisi Hai Tanhai’s story is not just confined to Pakistan, people in any country can relate to the frightful occurrences being portrayed in the drama. The drama has been redubbed ‘Karamati’ to be picked up by MBC Bollywood, a channel which broadcasts Bollywood movies and Indian soaps for the population of Arab descent in countries like Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, and Canada.


Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi have a long history of catering extraordinary stories with a subtle cast to the audience. Not only does their dramas carry impeccable script, they also exhibit immensely powerful dialogues, making them loved by a gigantic populace.

We are certain that the people of Arab diaspora will absolutely praise Aisi Hai Tanhai for all the right reasons. What are your views on the story? Have your say in the comments section below.


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