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Angna | Four daughters, four families, different stories

Angna | Four daughters, four families, different stories

Getting your daughters married off can seem daunting. Trusting someone with a piece of your heart that you nurtured all your life takes a lot from parents. Angna is a story that will keep its audience glued to the screens, as its layered story and heart-felt cinematography make it a perfect entertainer.

The story of Angna is about Azfar Baig’s happy-go-lucky family, in which he has raised four beautiful daughters, who are going to get married into 4 entirely different families, which are somewhat dysfunctional.

Azfar Rehman as Taimoor is a well-educated, modest person who is courageous enough to deal with life obstacles and knows how to maintain balance in relationships.

Areeba Habib as Abeeha is the eldest daughter of Azhar Baig. She is a Sensible and disciplined girl, devoted to her family.

Taimoor and Abeeha are in Nikkah with each other and they share a relationship of love and respect.

Ali Abbas as Zain is timid from the inside but portrays himself as a strong person. Doesn’t let anybody dominate him and looks at every matter from her mother’s perspective.

Rabab Hashim as Eshal is a Shy, delicate and sensitive girl who doesn’t want to harm anybody for which she has to suffer a consequence.

Zain and Eshal are into a disturbed marriage because Zain lets his mother get involved in every decision.

Asim Mehmood as Ammar is a benevolent man who doesn’t want to harm anyone. However, he has secret marriage back in the US which is unknown to his parents and they forced him to get married again here in Pakistan.

Kanwal Khan as Aiza is meticulous and keeps her belongings with ultra care. She wants to be trusted and doesn’t tolerate being duped by anyone.

Ammar keeps himself at a distance from Aiza because he loves his first wife Ayela to whom he married secretly in the US.

Sajjad Pal as Raza is a narrow-minded and greedy person who manifests himself as a selfless and naive human being, but his reality is very different from the perception.

Laiba Khan as Nayab is the youngest daughter of Azhar Baig. The witty and innocent Nayab is oblivious about life challenges and simple enough to doubt anyone’s intention.

Raza and Nayab are university classmates, and Raza wants to get married to Nayab just to get hold of her wealth.

Javed Sheikh as Azhar Baig and Atiqa Odho as Zaiba are the parents of all these girls. Azhar Baig is a successful businessman and a caring father who is living a happy life with her wife Zaiba and four daughters. Both parents want a prosperous and bright future for their daughters.

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Written By: Sameena Aijaz

Directed By: Saqib Zafar Khan & Tehseen khan


  • Azfar Rehman
  • Areeba Habib
  • Ali Abbas
  • Rabab Hashim
  • Javed Sheikh
  • Atiqa Odho
  • Sajjad pal
  • Laiba khan
  • Asim Mehmood
  • Kanwal Khan
  • Danial Afzal
  • Mohsin Gillani
  • Rabia Noren
  • Gul-e-Rana
  • Ismail Tara
  • Rubina Ashraf

Angna is starting Monday, 7th March, and will be aired daily at 7:00 pm, on ARY Digital.


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