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20 Million YouTube Subscribers! There's no stopping ARY Digital now!

20 Million YouTube Subscribers! There's no stopping ARY Digital now!

Looks like 2021 is also the year of flamboyant programs on ARY Digital just like the last year and years before that. The channel has transcended the boundaries of the entertainment scene of Pakistan by bringing one after another impeccable drama serial to keep the audiences glued to their seats.

Dramas that air on ARY not only cater sheer entertainment but also educate and inform the spectators about topics nobody usually talks about. These dramas also play an integral part in the destigmatization of rape survivors, acid attack victims, HIV and AIDS patients, mental and physical abuse victims amongst others.

Apart from these thought-provoking dramas, ARY Digital also made sure to melt hearts by bringing abundant gorgeous and intriguing love stories.

The most-watched Pakistani channel is known for bringing its A-game when it comes to humor. We all know Bulbulay and how it is sprinkling laughs all around our living rooms for more than ten years now. Other sitcoms and rom-coms also make us feel lighter and joyous after a day of tiredness and exhaustion.

The queen of morning shows, Nida Yasir, and the king of game shows, Fahad Mustafa also belong to the ARY family, striving to keep all spectators hooked during their respective shows, Good Morning Pakistan and Jeeto Pakistan.

Not to forget the largest Ramadan transmission of Pakistan, incorporating Shan-e-Ramazan, Jeeto Pakistan League, and now Good Morning Pakistan’s Shan-e-Sahoor, to educate and entertain you during Ramadan as well.

All these impactful visual delights play their part in officially making ARY Digital the highest watched entertainment channel having the largest Youtube family in the entire country.

The Youtube channel of ARY Digital has just set a benchmark by crossing 20 million subscribers and we must extend our sincere gratitude to you, the viewers, for making it happen and for your unwavering love and support.

What about ARY Digital do you love the most? Have your say in the comments’ section below.