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ARY Digital Network: The Largest Digital Footprint in Pakistan

ARY Digital Network: The Largest Digital Footprint in Pakistan

Having started on the 16th of September 2000 from an office in  London, ARY Digital Network went on to garner exceptional love and praise for the unbiasedness and objectivity it offered.

ARY News is living up to its slogan “Har Lamha Bakhabar” (Up to date 24×7). It is also strengthening its credibility with each passing day by giving just the right amount of concrete facts and figures with its impartial reporting.

The YouTube channel of ARY News has just accumulated 11.4 Million subscribers, making it one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing YouTube channels.

That’s not all! ARY News’ Instagram account has also garnered 3.1 Million followers, thanks to user-friendly and human-interest stories.

ARY Digital is also transcending the parameters of the Pakistani entertainment scene by giving one after other flamboyant dramas that not only play a pivotal part in entertaining the audiences but also to delve into the social issues and taboo topics no one usually talks about, getting one after another feather in its cap.

The YouTube channel of ARY Digital has just crossed 38.3 Million YouTube subscribers making it the biggest YouTube channel in the country.

And that’s not all! ARY Digital has recently accumulated 1.8 Million followers in its TikTok family recently with 1.3 Million followers for ARY News too.

Including these major numbers, other YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts of ARY Digital Network have also surpassed expectations with more than 145 million people in the world attached to our content.


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ARY Digital Network is unarguably fulfilling the social responsibility every channel is bound to implement worldwide. Be it safety, hygiene, or making Pakistan a better place to live, ARY Digital Network is a part of various campaigns to inform and educate the masses about abundant essential topics and issues.

We take this opportunity to thank you for loving and trusting us.