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Azmaish | The tale of an unwanted step-daughter/step-sister

Azmaish | The tale of an unwanted step-daughter/step-sister

Azmaish is a story of two sisters and their step-sister. It depicts how the step-sister is being treated badly.

Tufail marries Almas after the demise of his first wife to look after his two pampered daughters Shiza and Samreen. Almas’ own daughter Nimrah faces ill-treatment from them.

Yashma Gill as Shiza is the arrogant elder daughter of Tufail.

Minsa Malik as Samreen is the younger sister of Shiza who is controlled by her completely.

Kinza Hashmi as Nimrah is the simple and compromising step sister of Shiza

Fahad Sheikh as Basit is a hardworking and talented boy who works for Tufail.

Furqan Qureshi as Rohan is the educated nephew of Tufail, who likes Samreen.

Tufail has selected Basit for Shiza, now will she agree?

Whereas, Basit has always been a secret admirer of Nimrah.

Shahood Alvi as Tufail Sahib is a loving father for his own daughters but a cruel one for his step-daughter. His too much love has spoiled her daughters.

Laila Wasti as Almas is the second wife of Tufail. She looks after the house and children.

Gul-e-Rana as Shamsa is the sister of Tufail who faces the wrath of Samreen’s bad behavior.

Written By: Samina Aijaz

Directed By: Fajar Raza


  • Shahood Alvi
  • Yashma Gill
  • Kinza Hashmi
  • Laila Wasti
  • Minsa Malik
  • Fahad Sheikh
  • Furqan Quershi
  • Gul-e-Rana

Azmaish is starting from Wednesday 19th May at 8:00 PM, on ARY Digital.

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