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Baby Baji: Wasif in a big trouble?

Baby Baji: Wasif in a big trouble?

Just when the fans thought everything is perfect in the Baby Baji house, Wasif finds himself in a serious quagmire. With his wedding festivities already begun, Wasif takes sweets for all his classmates at his friend’s suggestion. Little did he know Rameen will go to extreme lengths to prove her love to him.

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Rameen tries to take her own life and Wasif takes her to the hospital, only to be given a threat by her father. He comes back home but stays silent for obvious reasons.

The teaser for the 25th episode, which is going to air today delineates the police taking him into custody because of the pressure exerted by Rameen’s influential father who somehow wants Wasif to enter his daughter’s life.

How do you think will drama serial Baby Baji unfold? Will Wasif surrender in front of Rameen and her father’s wishes? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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