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Betiyaan | Did Laiq Ahmed—Aiza deserve this? Who's responsible?

Betiyaan | Did Laiq Ahmed—Aiza deserve this? Who's responsible?

Three episodes of ARY Digital‘s new drama serial Betiyaan have aired so far getting millions of people hooked already. The drama delineates Laiq Ahmed living with his five daughters, a mother, and a sister. Albeit trying so hard to keep everything on track, the girls’ grandmother and aunt never cease to taunt, embarrass and humiliate them.

Danish comes with his parents to ask for the hand of Fiza, the eldest daughter of Laiq Ahmed. However, as soon as he sees Aiza, he immediately changes his decision. Aiza already likes Saad from her university but she has never spoken about it because she thinks her father might disapprove of the relationship, so much so that even when he sees her with Saad, she rubbishes it off calling him merely a classmate.

Aiza starts ignoring Saad when she learns about her father’s will to get her married to Danish. Saad, in response to the ignorance, sneaks in at night, only to be caught by the Phuppo, then eventually everyone else. Laiq Ahmed thinks his daughter has brought shame onto the family and just to make things right, Aiza regretfully agrees to marry Danish.

Saad does not stop here. He crashes Aiza’s engagement but is tackled by the bride herself. He is forced out of the house, only to emotionally blackmail her on her dinner with Danish.

With at least nine Million people that have already streamed Betiyaan on YouTube, the show is set to premiere its 4th episode tonight at 7:00 PM, on ARY Digital. How do you think will the story of Betiyaan unfold?

After watching the promo for the next episode, who do you think is responsible for the storm that is about to reach Laiq Ahmed’s house? Is it Aiza for not standing up earlier, for the person she liked, or is it, Laiq Ahmed, for letting her relinquish the one she liked? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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