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Celebrities demand public execution of the 'Motorway Case' culprits

Celebrities demand public execution of the 'Motorway Case' culprits

Be it 5-year-old Marwah in PIB Colony, Karachi, or an 86-year-old grandmother in Delhi, India, women of all ages are being physically assaulted on a daily bases across the world. Days after Marwah’s killing, a woman, accompanying her children was heinously brutalized when she stopped due to the fuel shortage on the motorway, near Lahore.

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As soon as she stopped the car to call one of her relatives for the fuel, a few men came, robbed her, and then humiliated her, that too, in front of her children. Her relative who was supposed to bring the fuel reported that he saw her driving towards him with broken windows.

It is an event that has caused so much harm internally and externally that the people who do not even know about the incident properly have come in the mainstream, engulfed in ultimate agony and infinite aggression to denounce this pathetic act with the strongest possible words.

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Likewise, a few pivotal fragments of the Pakistani media fraternity have taken to social media to protest against the atrocious act and to demand exemplary punishment for the perpetrators.

Actor Humayun Saeed said he is shocked beyond belief due to this incident.

Shaan Shahid warned, “All who stand quiet today will be judged in the courts of the ALMIGHTY where no one shall escape his deeds.”

Fashion mogul Frieha Altaf asks for freedom, as it is the right of everyone living in the country.

With Hashtagsa like #WeHaveHadEnough #RaiseYourVoice #JusticeForPakistan, philanthropist Shaniera Akram wrote, “Like everyone, I’m just scared to death of waking up each morning to see which new little body is lying in a mountain of trash.”

Mansha Pasha said the value of sugar, wheat, and vegetable is increasing every day but the value of human life is deteriorating.

“We can’t protect anyone. Except our egos,” wrote Ayesha Omar, as she recalled the recent events of cruelty.

Armeena Khan said she and every woman of the country feel unsafe.


Ushna Shah sheds light on how troubled a society we actually live in.

Iqra Aziz has a thought-provoking question. She asked, “How can we as people sit back and allow for this to happen?”

Ishqiya actor Feroze Khan requests Prime Minister Imran Khan to “just make one example.”

Meanwhile, celebrities such as Faysal Quraishi, Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Asim Azhar, Mawra Hocane, and others demand a public execution of the perpetrators.


We hope and pray the culprits are caught speedily and exemplary punishment is given to them so that no one in the country could even dream of ever looking at a woman with bad intentions.

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