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'Cheekh' comes with the message of unprecedented empowerment!

'Cheekh' comes with the message of unprecedented empowerment!

ARY Digital is probably the only entertainment channel in the entire country that is not just confined to providing leisure and interest to its audience, it also fulfills its social responsibility by educating masses by delving into various stereotypes and taboo topics to make our society a better place to live. ‘Cheekh’, as the name suggests, is an upcoming drama that appears to be a potpourri of intense emotions and another stereotype that will probably be laid to rest.

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ARY Digital has just released a short video incorporating top-notch actresses from the Pakistani media fraternity, speaking to all the women of our society, on behalf of all the women our nation constitutes of. The video message consists of celebrities like Sania Saeed, Sarwat Gillani, Marina Khan, Shaista Lodhi, Sanam Baloch, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, and Maria Wasti, calling out all the women to go against the patriarchal and misogynist approach.

cheekhAll these actresses undermine silence and stillness, asking a few pivotal questions in a poetic and effective way, like, “Till when will you keep your mouth locked? Till when will these blisters stay in your mouth? Open the locks of silence! Now is the time to shout! Now is the time to speak up! This quietness will eat you internally! You will become immovable! You would not be able to listen, nor speak! If you want to hear, speak first! And become a loud noise, don’t just speak! Let go of everything and turn the pages of history! Raise your voice, to become an announcement! A shout that will distort the tranquility!”

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The entire video has a dark background with a caged pigeon and a woman sitting motionless, donned in white traditional outfit. The juxtaposition of close-ups and mid-shots is not only encouraging women to speak up, but it is also a forthright message of empowerment along with a refusal to bow down to any kind of oppression. The video ends with a moving loud cry of the immensely talented, Saba Qamar, who appears to be the lead protagonist of the drama, giving us the entire essence of its title ‘Cheekh’.

Cheekh is all set to enthrall the worldwide audience on ARY Digital very soon. What are your views on the story? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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