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Cheekh ends but it will be remembered for a long time

Cheekh ends but it will be remembered for a long time

So the extensively watched Pakistani drama, Cheekh has just ended and it truly depicted the real face of the society we live in; powerful men getting away with murders easily. However, the drama has delineated Mannat as an epitome of resilience and resistance in the face of oppression and injustice.

With the 30th episode, not only has the drama ended, but the blatant cruelty by Wajih also ends. Mannat has been a legit lioness throughout the entire duration of the episode that not even Aqil Zaada dared to ask questions from the people she called to the balustrade.


Cheekh has been a literal rollercoaster ride of emotions. Fans have been over the moon watching how Shayan went against his brothers to stand with his wife because he believed in her, for the chemistry they had, for the baby they were going to have. However, spectators were taken aback when Yawer chose to help Wajih in spite of knowing he is a murderer, when Wajih stoop too low by making a video against Mannat and spreading it on social media, when Mannat and Shayan’s unborn baby died, when Mannat’s mother died, and when the love of her life, Shayan was killed in cold blood.

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The 30th and the last episode of Cheekh proved no matter how powerful or mighty you think you are, what goes around comes around and karma will be served because it is a process led by nature. After an exceptional performance by Mannat in the courtroom, Wajih gets served with the death sentence for not only killing Nayab but also for killing Mannat’s child, mother and husband.


Cheekh is more than just a drama for the cast, for us and for the viewers across the world, so much so that the last episode of the drama is trending at number 2 on Youtube. The pivotal fragments of the ensemble cast took to Instagram to write heartfelt notes about their experience working in Cheekh.

cheekhThe big brother, Yawer, aka Ajaz Aslam, uploads a video clip from the last episode speaking about his character and about the end of Wajih. He writes, “Yawar is so helpless even his money couldnt save wajih… a lesson to be learnt for many.”


The prima donna, Saba Qamar also shares a photo from the last episode captioning it with a Terminator 2 quotation, “I know now why you cry. But it’s something I can never do.” She goes on to tell how was Cheekh more than just a mere project, “Indeed, it is extremely hard to bid farewell to something attached to your Heart. I always try my best to put in my heart and soul into my work to give you guys the best. Cheekh was not just a project for me it was an emotional roller coaster ride which was not just difficult but it was also very hard.”

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She writes her heart out for Mannat and the ordeal she went through and ends the note with a quotation of Mother Teresa, “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”


Wajih aka Bilal Abbas Khan puts up a photo from the last episode where he had confessed his heinous crimes. He goes on to pay his gratitude to the entire cast and team of Cheekh and the fans who made it a success. He also wishes everyone associated with the team well for their future endeavors.


This potpourri of love, emotions, revenge, hatred, and truth entitled Cheekh has cleared out all the blurred visions about karma and justice. For the scene that depicts Wajih reciting the Holy Quran and speaking about how had Shayan succeeded because of it. Wajih’s confession in the courtroom sheds light on how boys of our society are trained to hit anyone who would ever speak against them in spite of being a girl who snatched a pencil in the primary school or Nayab, who stopped someone from tarnishing her soul.

What are your views on the last episode of Cheekh? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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