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Dunk is coming to create a long-lasting difference

Dunk is coming to create a long-lasting difference

We know the immensely talented Sana Javed from Ruswai, and we know the heartthrob Bilal Abbas Khan from Cheekh and how amazingly they played a catalyst in making their respective dramas superhit. Well, both these powerhouses of talent are coming together on our screens, to sprinkle their magic with Dunk as Amal and Haider respectively.

Dunk is not a usual run-of-the-mill drama, consisting of a couple facing hurdles coming in their otherwise perfect love story. However, it is the need of the hour because it is based on a very pivotal and serious social issue; harassment in educational institutions.

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We hear about harrowing cases of such incidents every now and then in educational institutions across the country. These perpetrators often get away with harassment simply because of the power they possess and because institutions shy away or delay a proper investigation.

However, in Dunk, Haider is determined to go against all odds to punish the alleged culprit Professor Humayun to get justice for Amal. Prof. Humayun, played by the legendary actor Noman Ijaz is seen denying all allegations against him, deeming he knows the sanctity of the teacher-student relation and he will never engage in such immoral activities, but even his wife and daughter are depicted questioning him. Amal has accused Prof. Humayun but she is unsure whether she will have the decision in her favor or not.

Written by Mohsin Ali, the drama is helmed by Badar Mehmood; the duo behind blockbusters like Aisi Hai Tanhai and Ishqiya. Dunk revolves around such an important social issue and we are certain, it will decipher the intricacy rather subtly.

The upcoming visual delight also incorporates actors such as Yasra Rizvi, Fahad Sheikh, Azekah Daniel, amid others in pivotal roles.

What about Dunk are you looking forward to? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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