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Dunk starts with a power-packed first episode

Dunk starts with a power-packed first episode

The newest visual delight of ARY Digital, Dunk, has started off with a powerful first episode as Amal accuses Professor Humayon of harassment and her fiance Haider stands firmly with her, along with Minal and other friends. The students go on to boycott classes till Prof. Humayon is brought to justice.

However, this is not a simple story of harassment, the drama involves other stories as well, that revolve around this issue. Firstly, Haider and Amal are not just an engaged couple, they are first cousins. With the families involved, Haider’s mother is angry that he is dragging the dignity of the family by publicizing the incident in lieu of hiding it.

Secondly, Dunk depicts a silent victim, sheds light on how and why a victim hesitates to speak up against the oppressor. When she is home, she is mostly hiding in her room, and when she is in college, she prefers being in the library or any other place with a few or no people. Amal is also blaming her own self, so much so that she asks Haider to end the relationship if he wants.

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Coming to Haider’s personality, sure, he loves Amal so much but is a bit aggressive and emotional. His mother asks him to try to stay calm or he will ruin his life and the family. He is heading the protests at the campus and is ready to stand against any odd that come in the way of his attainment of justice without yet involving the police into the matter. Moreover, he is outspoken and does not treat his family in a nice way.

Prof. Humayon is a married man and has a little daughter. Upon the accusation, his integrity is questioned by his colleagues as well. He comes home stressed, scolds his daughter, realizes that he overreacted, apologizes to his daughter, and wishes her birthday. The next day when he sees Amal, he says she should not have accused him. However, with the media involved and constant pressure from the students, he gets suspended till the college management reaches a conclusion. Prof. Hymayon is ready for the law enforcement agencies to investigate the case.

Minal, while talking to her family speaks about Prof. Humayon and how all students comfortably used to go to him for any queries after the class. Her brother questions the authenticity of Amal’s accusation and her sister-in-law talks about how a woman’s dignity is everything for her. Her brother then says, Prof. Humayon deserves a free trial at least.

With all eyes towards him, what do you think will Prof. Humayon do now? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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