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Enjoy PSL with 'The Fourth Umpire Show'

Enjoy PSL with 'The Fourth Umpire Show'

‘The Fourth Umpire Show’ is a fun-packed talk + game show that will be hosted by Superstar Fahad Mustafa. As PSL Season 8 is about to begin on the 13th of February, this show will go live, daily till the 19th of March throughout PSL.

A cricket expert, celebrity guests, and a bunch of stock characters will be part of this show that will entertain the TV audience.

Cricket facts, interesting gossip, chitchat with guests, and entertaining segments will make this show a must-watch for everyone!


The most renowned TV Show host in Pakistan, Fahad Mustafa will lead the show throughout PSL Season 8.


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Cricket Expert:

A cricket expert will take us through the ongoing match of PSL with the help of facts and figures. From cricket-playing techniques and tips to match-related predictions, our expert will be engaged by our host in fun-based chit-chat.

Talk Shawk:

Two celebrity guests in each episode will join us to talk with our host.

Bowling Game:

Guests will have to play a specific shot on a ball throw from the bowling machine.

Trolling Game:

Funny Tweets, Posts & comments of guests will be shown on screen and the host and house talent will discuss them in the show.

Yeh Karkay Dikhao:

A name of a thing or person will be shown to one guest and he/she will perform without speaking anything, the other guest will guess.

Q&A based Segment:
A – Kitnay Paani Mai

A rapid-fire with the guest and on each wrong answer, our comedian stock character will dive into a water pool.

B – Aatay Daal ka Bhao? Yeh Kya Hai?

The guest would be asked to guess the exact price of the products shown on the screen.

C – Decision Pending

Few shots will be screened from different matches – Guests will have to identify whether it’s an out or not- Boundary or a wicket.

Zabardasti Ka Host:

In this segment, one of our stock characters will act as “Zabardasti Ka Host”. While Fahad Mustafa is busy in talk with guests, our Zabardasti Ka Host will make his surprise entry to entertain people.

Cricket Expert:

Azhar Ali

Former Pakistani international cricketer and skipper, Azhar Ali will be sharing his expert opinion on PSL matches while having light moments with the host Fahad Mustafa.


Faizan Sheikh, Sheikh Qasim, Talha Bhojani

The Fourth Umpire Show is starting on Monday, 13th February, and will be aired daily at 10:00 PM, throughout PSL, only on ARY Digital.

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