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Fakhr-e-Alam Reaches Karachi And We Couldn't Be Any Prouder!

Fakhr-e-Alam Reaches Karachi And We Couldn't Be Any Prouder!

It initially seemed unbelievable that a pivotal fragment of the Pakistani media fraternity, Fakhr-e-Alam is going to circumnavigate the world, that too in just 28 days! But as days passed and he unveiled his Swiss-made aircraft, we got absolutely thrilled to be living in such an era.

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After all mandatory mechanical and security checks, here comes the beast that is capable to wander around the world in a span of just 28 days.

After formally introducing his partners in his mission, Fakhr-e-Alam starts his journey from Florida and posts a time-lapse video of his first landing in Manchester, a city in New Hampshire, US. He urges people to keep sending prayers.

After fueling up himself and his aircraft, he posts this video before getting out of the American air-space and entering Canada.

He reaches Canada in the middle of the night amid “minus temperatures.” This time-lapse video looks pretty scary because of the night landing.

He shares this video from Canada soon after landing. The downtown of Goose Bay is undoubtedly a “ghost town.”

He asks his friends and fans for a help, asking them to pray for him because “11th Oct is one of the most dangerous leg of this journey. From Goose Bay to Greenland to Iceland.”

He shares the significance of safety gear in this video, telling people about the potential dangers of his leg to Greenland. Let’s have a look at what he has to say.

He shares this gorgeous sunrise from the cockpit when he embarked his leg from Canada to Greenland. Had he not planned to globetrot, we would have never seen such a surreal sunrise!

Here’s a video of Fakhr-e-Alam flying high with a speed of whopping 270 mph in Minus 42 Degrees, above the Atlantic ocean, on his way to Greenland.

What an absolute visual delight, honestly! Have a look at Fakhr-e-Alam complete his journey to Greenland with an absolute ace. He says, “I am delighted to share this scenic approach into Narsarsuaq, Greenland… the secret about Greenland is it is white. But truly lucky to have found such great visibility.”

Not only is he circumnavigating across the globe, but he is also showing the gorgeousness, our planet possesses.

He’s all praises for Almighty Allah and his blessings after seeing such a fascinating scenery.

He posts an immensely worrying video on his way to Iceland. There’s absolutely zero visibility from the cockpit of his plane.

He finally reaches Iceland and to his surprise, finds a “Biryani place right next door” from his hotel. He intends to leave for Croatia after some sleep.

He uploads a time-lapse of his departure from Iceland, dissolving amid the clouds, resulting in a zero visibility again.

He lands at the airport in the midst of Glasgow, Scotland, in an extreme weather and plans to have a cup of tea with his foreigner teammates.

He finally leaves Scotland, en-route to England and he takes his machine all the way up, above the clouds and the “gloomy weather.”

And so he gets a rather “very choppy touch down on British soil.” He posts a video delineating thousands of windmills on the coast of the UK.

He posts a set of photos from Biggin Hill airport of London, thanking the crew for their hospitality.

He posts a video flying above France, to get to Croatia. He tells that he flew over 12 countries in total, landing in four countries.

Notwithstanding the closure of Croatian airport, the authorities still manage to make some room for his plane to land, as he is on a world travel spree.

 Fun Fact: Did you know the fuel tank of this sort of planes is in the wings? Have a look.

So Croatia is a potpourri of gorgeous houses. Do you agree?

He spends his time having a good breakfast in Croatia before flying for Cairo, Egypt.

We can’t believe he’s actually standing in the midst of the great Pyramids of Egypt we’ve been hearing about since we were toddlers! Have a look at this grandeur!

Literally quite phenomenal!

He stands right beside the historic River Nile and says, “Cairo is growing at a very rapid pace…there is so much history here…got to take a photo on the Nile and a sunset on the streets of Cairo.”

He shares a very uplifting photo with an immensely emotional caption that says, “I am proudly flying my flag around the world…and wherever I go when they read #MissionParwaaz dedicated to the people of Pakistan they all come up to me & say so you are Pakistani  & you fly around the world & then they shake hands with a smile and take pictures. Makes me proud.”

This friendliness among the traveler community is beyond awesome! Just have a look at the instant strong bond between Fakhr-e-Alam and his Czech counterparts.

He gets a bit off-schedule because of the delay in fuel tanker’s arrival. He departs Egypt two hours late and posts some breathtaking photos from the Egyptian airspace.

He shares a very emotional short chip from the Saudi Arabian airspace, desiring to perform Umrah soon after his Mission Parwaz is completed.

He reaches Bahrain for a short stay for fuel and subsequently ends up taking marvelous photos instead. Just have a look!

He finally reaches Dubai, what he calls his second home! He becomes emotional while flying with the “big guys” within the Dubai airspace.

Subsequently meeting his family that has been waiting for him for a while because of the unscheduled delay in Egypt. The amount of love his family members carry can easily be deciphered through these photos.

He posts this video, telling his fans and friends about this “special flight” because, in less than two hours, he’ll be touching down his homeland, Pakistan, as a part of his mission.

What a powerful photograph! The governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail comes all the way to the Hajj terminal to receive the pride of Pakistan, Fakhr-e-Alam in Karachi.

Few other essential fragments of the Pakistani media fraternity like Faysal Quraishi, Ayesha Omer, and Maria Wasti also grace the moment with their presence.

We are certain he is embodied to undoubtedly become the first ever Pakistani to circumnavigate the entire world in just 28 days! More power to you Fakhr-e-Alam! We are super proud of you already!

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