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Baby Baji: It's Farhat Vs Azra now! Who are you with?

Baby Baji: It's Farhat Vs Azra now! Who are you with?

Wasif marries Farhat in a beautiful ceremony. Everyone is pretty happy about the nuptials apart from one person, and most of the fans already know it. Azra is upset about this marriage because she wanted her cousin to come to the Baby Baji house as Wasif’s wife.

Classic Azra makes sure to make Farhat’s life hell even before her arrival. She asks her daughter to grab the iron from Wasif’s room to press the wedding clothes, without asking her to put it back after use. Well, on Valima Day when Farhat asks Wasif to bring her the iron, Azra very conveniently tells her that she used it. Furious Farhat gets angry with Azra, Wasif, and even Asma.

Later, Jamal talks to Wasif to stay quiet while the women of the house argue with each other. Farhat tells everything to her mother and she questions Wasif about this misconduct. Wasif, on the way back, asks Farhat not to share anything with her mother.

Azra and Gulshan Aara bully Farhat on the Valima while she was sitting on the stage. Farhat does not say anything. Even on the next day when the newlyweds come home after visiting the beach, Farhat chooses to stay quiet on Azra’s harassment. Albeit educated and independent, she stays quiet.

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However, all hell breaks loose when Azra drags Farhat’s father into the conversation in an insulting way. Farhat yells with a stern pitch and does not let Azra win until Baby Baji comes and asks her to go to her room. Angry Farhat even denies having food on Asma’s insistence, while Azra hears the entire conversation.

Who do you think is right and wrong? Should Farhat adjust with the family or should the family give some time to Farhat and see how things go? What do you think should Baby Baji do to tackle the situation? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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