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Maya finally meets the Fraud. What will she do?

Maya finally meets the Fraud. What will she do?

After a heated argument in Fraud, Shan now knows Maya is not someone you can silence easily. He understands that she is a force to be reckoned with and when she says she had nothing to do with Zimel’s wounds, she means it.

She asks him to be nice in front of her parents. He agrees. Just before leaving the house, Shan introduces his “beautiful wife” to her brother-in-law, Tabrez, aka Shujaat, aka the ultimate fraud. Both look at each other in disbelief, shock, and fright.

Maya goes to meet her parents but is appalled because she had just met the only villain of her life. However, she is trying pretty hard to control her emotions in front of Shan because he has no clue about her past life.

Moreover, Tooba tells her husband about Maya’s failed marriages and how Shan does not know about any of them.

What do you think will happen now? Will Maya explicitly tell the truth to Shan or will she stay silent? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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