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Hameed's remorse becomes evident through his face!

Hameed's remorse becomes evident through his face!

ARY Digital is arguably the only drama channel that bluntly sheds light on the topics that are considered taboo. The channel subtly picks up dramas with stories that are not alien to the populace watching, instead, these dramas touch upon topics everyone can relate to. Produced by ‘iDream Entertainment’ and directed by Mazhar Moin, ARY Digital’s newest visual treat entitled ‘Haiwan’ is a juxtaposition of days of contentment and a feeling of consistent regret.

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Haiwan incorporates top-notch artistes like Faysal Quraishi, Sawera Nadeem, Iffat Omar, Sanam Chauhdry and Wahaj Ali amongst others, providing it an outstanding overall aura.

The drama unfolds by depicting two families; one family has a mother, Azra, and her two daughters, Masooma and Momina. Momina is the elder daughter while Masooma is the younger one, suffering from asthma. The other family has Hameed as its head with Amna as his spouse and Maan, Sawera and Javeria aka Jojo as his children. Hameed’s son Maan is in the US while Sawera is Momina’s friend and Jojo is Masooma’s best friend.

Masooma has a thing for ice-creams but whenever she eats it, she gets a critical asthma attack. One day while every child buys ice-creams, she also buys one but it ends up giving her an attack. Her mother strictly instructs her to stay away from the ice-cream vendor. On the other hand, Hameed is a drunkard and has a very cold attitude towards his wife. He often drinks in front of his spouse when none of his children are home.

Living in a neighborhood, it is easy for Masooma and Jojo to come to each other’s home to play. Likewise, one day when Masooma comes to Jojo’s home to play, she approaches Hameed who is drunk because his family is gone in a funeral for a couple of days. She asks him about Jojo but he maintains that she is not home. He is absolutely drunk and finds it harder to politely talk to Masooma and make her believe that Jojo is not home. He allegedly ties her with a rope and hides her under a bed in his house.

Out of intense frustration and helplessness, Azra runs to Hameed’s home because her daughter didn’t reach home. Hameed, a bit agitated, tells her that she didn’t come to his home.  They go on a searching spree for Masooma, visiting the police station and even a morgue but they end up disappointed. After back to back failed search attempts, Momina finds her mother talking mindlessly. She takes her to a doctor and she says that Azra is suffering from extensive depression because of Masooma.

Hameed’s son Maan gets back and he instantly finds himself fallen in love with Momina. He tells his mother that he wants to tie the nuptial knot with Momina. When he and Amna talk to Hameed about it, he instantly turns them down without any reasoning. Hameed also starts acting weird with everyone and attends every prayer, apologizing from God for allegedly burying Masooma in the garden within his residence. One day when he is unable to find Jojo at home, he starts yelling fiercely on his wife for not being a responsible mother.

Notwithstanding Hameed’s resistance, Maan’s family takes the proposal for Momina but she declines, primarily because of her mother. With Sawera’s help and his pure love, Maan makes Momina say yes for the wedding. After getting married, Maan brings Azra to his home to look after her properly. Amna once asks Momina to get vegetables from their house’s garden. Hameed sees her while she is standing beside the garden and scolds her outrageously for trying to spoil his garden. Everyone in the family is totally stunned by his mischievous behavior.

Hameed also accepts a proposal for his daughter Sawera without even consulting it with anybody or even doing any prior research about the groom. He goes to their house for further confirmation and decides a date for the wedding. One day he comes back from his work and finds Momina offering him a glass of water to drink. He starts yelling on her to leave him alone without even realizing what he is even speaking. Maan comes and witnesses everything by himself.

Momina and Maan find out that they are going to be parents soon so they come home and tell Hameed and Amna about it. Everyone is all happy for the upcoming edition in the family. Azra often lays in the garden where Hameed allegedly buried her daughter because “she finds solace” lying there, it makes her miss Masooma. Hameed notices her lying there and gets absolutely uncomfortable and unwell. He asks Amnaf for a glass of water and instructs her to get Sawera married and to take care of Jojo.

In a parallel universe, Maan and Momina are shopping for their baby with contentment galore. Amna notices Sawera’s husband-to-be unhappy in the entire wedding. Momina reaffirms her belief by telling that he didn’t look happy to her either. After the wedding, Sawera’s husband tells her that he doesn’t like maneuvering in her family and he barely likes her. On the breakfast table, he sarcastically asks her to show her gold bangles to his mother. He also criticizes his mother for not getting along with his choices.

One day while the television is turned on, Azra watches the newscaster read a news about the man kidnapping and killing a girl. She becomes very uncomfortable and starts yelling Masooma’s name. Maan and Momina go to the doctor to discuss Azra’s condition and she tells that she is getting out of the entire Masooma dilemma. After two months, a baby is born and Maan names her Masooma which is absolutely jarring to Hameed. They find out that the little girl is suffering from Asthma just like the deceased Masooma.

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Two years later, on her second birthday, Azra stands at a distance and reminisces the days she had spent with her daughter, Masooma. Having the little girl in her arms she talks to Jojo about how her granddaughter looks like Masooma. Hameed instantly snatches her away and tells her that her name is Raniya and she does not look like Masooma in any way. Azra decides to shift to her home because she is feeling much better. Maan comes to talk to his dad asking him whether he had said anything wrong to Azra. As a response, Hameed insults him and blames him of taking his wife’s and her mother’s side.

This potpourri of an abundance of emotions, love, and remorse is garnering utmost praise and fame for its flamboyant storyline, exquisite ensemble cast and powerful dialogues across Pakistan. It’s campaign #MyChildMyResponsibility is also getting momentum in all social media platforms. How do you think will the drama unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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