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Did you know Hamza Ali Abbasi can play guitar with mastery?

Did you know Hamza Ali Abbasi can play guitar with mastery?

Although the simple yet gorgeous wedding of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar is over, the charm they have sprinkled will be seen as a benchmark for the nuptials to come, especially amid the entertainment industry of Pakistan.

Ever since their wedding, both Naimal and Hamza have expressed love and complemented each other many times through social media. The photos they post are legit couple goals for the gorgeousness and contentment oozing out of them.


Recently, Naimal took to Instagram to post a video of her better half playing a rendition of Pakistan’s national anthem on a guitar. Little did we know Hamza is a literal all-rounder with exceptional guitaring skills and obviously his pristine acting holding us spellbound.


The video depicts Naimal completing a painting with the love of her life sitting at a distance playing the national anthem on a guitar effortlessly.

Naimal and Hamza got married in a simple and elegant wedding ceremony on August 25 in Islamabad with close friends and family in attendance.

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We wish the couple a beautiful life of togetherness filled with infinite love and happiness galore. What are your views on the story? Have your say in the comments’ section below.