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Faakhir and Haroon reunite. 'Awaz' reunion on the cards?

Faakhir and Haroon reunite. 'Awaz' reunion on the cards?

As Millennials, we all grew up listening and performing on songs such as Aye Jawan on the Independence Day function in school. Mr. Fraudiay was also a song you all must have heard and cherished. The vocals behind these songs and a lot of other super-hit songs in the 90s were of the immensely talented duo, Haroon Rashid and Faakhir Mehmood. Having started in 1992, their band ‘Awaz’ went on to garner exceptional praise so much so that it sold more than 5 million albums worldwide.

After their third album, both singers went on to pursue solo careers, giving one after another astounding song. However, both Faakhir and Haroon met in a party a few days back, posted photos on their official Instagram accounts. Fakhir wrote, “Met my good friend Haroon Rashid,” while Haroon wrote, “After many years I bumped into my good friend and ex Awaz band mate Faakhir. People took pictures of us together and posted it online and immediately started asking if we are planning an Awaz reunion. That is something we haven’t really considered very seriously though we have had offers over the years.”


The ‘Mehbooba’ singer further asked his friends and fans to give suggestions if they think the Awaz reunion is a good idea. “Those of you who think an Awaz reunion is a good idea say “Groovy baby” those of you who think it’s a bad idea say “gimme nuts” and those of you who’s minds are blown say tamatar,” he wrote.

He also confesses he is impressed with “Faakhir’s hair. Both the facial and the crown growth.”

Fans and fragments of the fraternity were quick to react, asking them to reunite with “groovy baby” while Asim Azhar wrote, “I will make sure of this reunion.”


Should Haroon Rashid and Faakhir Mehmood collaborate soon? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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