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In Photos: Aiman--Minal's Trip To The North Is 'Something Else', Literally!

In Photos: Aiman--Minal's Trip To The North Is 'Something Else', Literally!

September and October happen to be the hottest months in Karachi, amid unending traffic jams and wind-less evenings. Going afar for a while seems to be the perfect getaway in this weather and apparently, the stunning twins, Aiman and Minal Khan have understood the fact, quite literally.

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An abundance of wishes and prayers have landed on this photo of the cuties with a bunch of more cuties before taking off for the “FAMILY VACATIONS.”


Their fans didn’t really know where were they heading till Minal posted this one. What’s prettier than our own country? She captioned this photo as, “Soaking some winter sun.”


Aiman also posts a photo of herself, sitting in the midst of a crystal clear stream, absorbing the positive energy from the magical aura.


Donned in all trendy, embellished with a shawl, Minal looks surreal surrounded by the sun completely.


How gorgeous is this photo of these adorable sisters with the beauteous mountain ranges in the background?


Minal, soaking some fresh air with her eyes closed, making some fresh memories is one of the most amazing things you will see all day.


Have a look at this adorable photo posted by Aiman holding a stone with her beau, Muneeb Butt’s name, and the date written on it. She says, “If our love was a fairytale.”


She has got her hair, shades, makeup, and apparel, absolutely on point, in spite of being away from home, on a legit mountain.


Seems like the family has taken a professional photographer with them to the vacation. Just look at this adroit framing and colors popping out of each photo.



If a good travel is not about unlimited fun and a plethora of posing. What is it really about?


These clouds depicting candy floss and these cuties depicting two pretty explorers with bag packs with a perfect heart made out of hands are giving us all the feels.


Khan sisters having their mandatory dose of caffeine amidst a potpourri of nature and beautiful sights. Just look at them.


When a person who doesn’t know them sees this photo, we’re certain they will confuse Aiman and Minal with girls belonging to Hunza without any doubts.   


Looks like someone is having an astounding time with “Raju” at Siri Paye.  We are certain that this is Aiman’s best trip ever!


Even Minal is having the greatest time of her life! Her excitement can be deciphered easily from this photo.


Your call! Raju or Badal? Who’s gonna win if they’re racing?



No wonder where did they get their styles from. Just look at their mom sprinkling grace with style, sitting beside Attabad Lake.


Donned in lifejackets, the divas are all set for boating in the well-acclaimed, Attabad Lake.


This photo and caption absolutely define the moment they are having. Aiman says, “You hold a very strong place in my heart,” and we hands down agree!


It’s in the genes guys! They have inherited all this charm from their mother. Don’t believe us? See it for yourself!



Notwithstanding the sun shining bright, they still feel at ease as they pose for this photo, if they’re posing at all.


Our favorite, Bia from Bay Dardi does not only know how to act well, but she also knows how to retouch photos, making them more vibrant.


And finally, here’s a photo of Minal, donned in a warm jacket taking us directly to Babusar Top, Naraan. We can’t just view this photo, we can pretty much feel the scenario it is taken in.


Perhaps you will plan a trip to the North in winters or in the next month, but you will surely plan it after watching all these flabbergasting photos.

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