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In Pictures: Sarwat, Fahad On Vacations In Sri Lanka

In Pictures: Sarwat, Fahad On Vacations In Sri Lanka

While all A-list celebrities are busy attending formal and informal events ranging from fashion shows to private gatherings, one of the cutest couples of our Pakistani fraternity has been having its time together amongst lush green valleys and deep blue oceans. Sarwat Fahad and Fahad Mirza are well known for their chemistry and the amount of love they possess for their child.

Fahad, who is also a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, just got his FCPS degree from a leading Pakistani institute on 30th March. The presence of his spouse, Sarwat Gillani along with his parents happened to be one of the most adorable sights. He was unexplainably happy as his wife and parents were present at the convocation ceremony. Have a look.


The charmer and his gorgeous better half have been on a vacation in Sri Lanka lately and the amount of beauty besides the couple itself is phenomenal.

Fahad and Sarwat have posted photos of them standing together at the airport, on their Instagram accounts, divulging their plan.



This breathtaking view of the Indian ocean from their hotel room is quite fascinating.


The Khasara actress posts her photo donned in a perfect traveler kit.


This dapper surgeon uploads a video of his pretty wife and then asks his fans to have a look at the beautiful view.


Fahad has posted a cute video of himself and Sarwat as she wishes him birthday. This video is literally oozing adoration. Awww! These cuties will make you believe in true love!


Meanwhile, his wife takes out some time to write a cute birthday note for her perfect man.


He uploads another video where the couple sits between mountains amongst gorgeous natural waterfalls.


Sarwat slays this short hair look.


Everyone will covet a trip to Sri Lanka if this is what Sri Lankan tan looks like.


Our favorite starlet posts this photo of herself standing amid the absolute splendor.


What an exceptional view!


The prima donna has managed to strike exquisite poses even during her off-camera time.



You can never have too much fun on your vacations. Truly!


Donned in the Sri Lankan attire, the actor looks handsome with this green ‘lungi’ and black hair band.


Taking the ironic ‘Lungi Dance’ to a whole new level. Have a look.


Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ happens to be the book, Linta’ of Khasara chooses to read during her me time. What an absolutely classy woman!


We are certain that this astounding couple will never miss an opportunity to give us some serious, lovey-dovey couple goals. We wish them a beautiful life ahead with loads of love and contentment.

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