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Influencer--traveler shares relatable video from Fraud to discuss marriage

Influencer--traveler shares relatable video from Fraud to discuss marriage

The nineteenth episode of Fraud aired last Saturday and finally, things appear to be in favor of Maya, to say the least. Moving to another city might just be the best decision for the family, with Maya becoming the chief designer of a well-reputed boutique in such a little time.

Fraud very subtly delves into very important topics pertaining to society, striving to educate the masses on how to be more empathetic, altruistic, and gentle towards others. From the acting at its purest, to the heartwarming dialogues, every minute of Fraud depicts us, as a society.

Influencer Saman Hayat Soomro took to Instagram to post a few photos with her family and a small video clip of the drama’s protagonist, Saba Qamar speaking facts about weddings and the stigmas attached to the people who do not find a good match.

The dentist-cum-traveller writes, “This one’s for the parents of all the single ladies on my platform: I was watching Fraud on @arydigital.tv and a few lines from @sabaqamarzaman took me back to last year and a few consecutive years before that where the constant topic in my household was just ‘meri shadi’. I was extremely frustrated, annoyed to the extent where I had no ways of explaining to my parents that it’s not that I’m not ready. It’s just that I’m unable to find the ‘right’ man.

She continues, “I didn’t become financially independent to be supported by someone else in the future. I have my dreams, my goals, my career to look forward to. I make enough money to handle my expenses Allah na karay something like that happens. But it would just come back to the same thing again and again. Because they function differently, they were brought up differently, they got married when they were young, they compromised MAJORLY. In a lot of ways. Saw a lot of hardships, and maybe we also see the things where they were wrong. To sacrifice themselves for each other, or even their respective families.”


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Lastly, she quotes Maya, “So here’s a message to all the parents, you know what’s worse than not being married at all? It’s being married to the wrong guy, or entering the wrong family. Because like Saba said, ‘waqt se pehle aur naseeb se zyada na kabhi kisi ko mila hai, aur na kabhi milega'”

We went on to complete her note in the comments’ section, “I just feel there’s so much pressure on women to constantly marry even though we come from progressive families but the one thing that stays constant is the topic of marriage. I request all the brothers reading my post to explain to their parents. I request the younger girls to focus on their career and become financially independent. I request the single ladies in the 25-35 age bracket to not take that pressure and just be patient. I wish the best for all you.”

Saba Qamar, Ahsan Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar starter Fraud airs every Saturday at 8 PM, on ARY Digital.

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