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In Pictures: Iqra Aziz Takes You To A Trip To Cappadocia

In Pictures: Iqra Aziz Takes You To A Trip To Cappadocia

Having garnered utmost fame for her commendable acting at such a young age, the ultimate cutie, Iqra Aziz went on to become one of the most loved and praised starlets of the recent times, Pakistan ever produced. Iqra is known for the juxtaposition of an innocent personality and immensely flamboyant acting capabilities.


The 20-year-old actress has risen to prominence with her stellar performance in ARY Digital’s Qurbaan, making it a pivotal step in providing an upward inclination to her career. The prima donna has acted rather adroitly in the drama opposite acclaimed actors like Bilal Abbas Khan and Shehzad Sheikh.

Our cutie is currently on a tour in the midst of Cappadocia and the photos she’s posting are literally breathtaking. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a quick trip of her Instagram account, and witness an unexplainable amount of gorgeousness.

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Donned in white, embellished with an exquisite pair of shades, the starlet looks pretty on a sunny day, with a funny face. She has taken to Instagram to let her fans know that she’s vacationing in Cappadocia.


She has posted yet another photo where she looks incredibly beautiful, donned in a white outfit again. These photos unarguably delineate a perfect definition of art.



Cappadocia is not just famous for its surreal sights, it is also a host to an amazing experience of hot air balloons and we can always expect Iqra to try new things.


She posts a pair of photos at the same hot air balloon venue, standing with her best friend, giving us some major bff goals. She also writes a heartfelt note for her friend, saying adieu and that she’ll miss her for giving her “the most memorable” few months.


She stands in the midst of pointed hills, with her array totally on point, giving us some legit style goals, honestly.


Fresh, sun-kissed face, a consistent smile and everything on point, pretty much sums up this adorable actress.


We can’t wait for the plethora of more stunning photos from her trip, for she has become an epitome of the bubbly style. More power to you Iqra!

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