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Junoon's Ali-Salman Reunion Is The Best Thing You Will See All Week!

Junoon's Ali-Salman Reunion Is The Best Thing You Will See All Week!

It’s been twelve years since the Junoon trio appeared together. Ever since Junoon disappeared, Ali Azmat has intoned songs for various movies as a solo singer meanwhile Salman Ahmed has been engaged in philanthropy and films after the separation. He has been engrossed in eradicating Polio from Pakistan as an ambassador and has also penned down a book called, “Rock & Roll Jihad: A Muslim Rock Star’s Revolution.”

Time and again Salman hinted towards a possible reunion but all these stories dissolved in air. Last year, the “Maula” upbeat tune creator, Ali Azmat took views of his fans through social media, whether they want to see Junoon back together or not and the response was overwhelming. People were literally begging for the reunion as Junoon was regarded as unarguably the most favorite band of its time.

The social media has depicted a state of absolute hysteria over this photo posted by the veteran Salman Ahmed two days back. He has uploaded a group photo of himself sitting with Ali Azmat and two others on a supposed Iftaar gathering. He captions the photo as, “Rocking in Lahore with rain, wind, thunder, and lightning.” The photo has raised eyebrows of abundant fans as it contained ‘Junoon’ as a hashtag. The Pappu Yar sensation has also retweeted the photo with “Maula Jutt te Noori nutt” which can make us hypothesize about their imaginable reunion in a year which marks the 25th anniversary of Junoon.

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When we got in touch with Salman following a social media frenzy over the photo, he told the meeting was just a casual Iftaar. “Our faith teaches us to show unity, compassion, and forgiveness. Ramzan is a month where we can put our grievances and hurt behind us and make a new beginning,” the singer told ARY Digital. “Ali and I have known each other for almost 30 years. We’ve shared great moments of achievement, traveled across the world and brought a message of hope and unity to millions of people since the 90s. It was the best to meet for an Iftaar, laugh over the past and stay hopeful for the future… A great day, despite the thunder, lightning, hurricane winds and uprooted trees!”

Well well! All the Junoonis will undoubtedly “stay hopeful for the future” where they might possibly witness the euphoria once they experienced with Saiyonee and Zamane Ke Andaaz. Junoon has been a prominent band of the 90s which has garnered infinite praise and love galore.

We are super excited for the musicians to share the stage once again and exhilarate the audiences with exceptional enthusiasm.

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