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Kami Sid's 'Rani' All Set To Feature In International Film Festival

Kami Sid's 'Rani' All Set To Feature In International Film Festival

No one really knew what misogyny was until ample protests started to make waves. These protests were not confined to just one country, they were taking place in nearly all countries of the world. One of the prominent protests was for the abolishment of the wage gap between men and women. Island became the first ever country to implement similar pay for men and women doing an identical job.

Well-reputed and celebrated shows that are being watched by a huge populace also give homage to the idea of equality amongst men and women. Award functions like Golden Globes and Oscars have a long history of making sure that all the attendees of these events support the cause. Fragments of the transgender community are being given accolades in their respective fields, which enables them to retain courage in a world that once hated and catcalled them.

On contrary, Pakistan is a country which is apparently deprived of rights for women, let alone the third gender. Pakistan is a home to hideous crimes against women and transgenders for quite a while. As far as women are concerned, they are treated like mere commodities facing domestic violence from the ones who are supposed to be their protectors.

In the wake of global pressure, women of Pakistan have started raising voices for their rights. Also, despite constant discrimination, the transgender community has come forward to speak about the hurdles they go through.

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When we talk about transgender empowerment in Pakistan, we think of Kami Sid without other thoughts. Sid is Pakistan’s first transgender who is an activist and a model as well. Sid happens to defy all odds, acting as the only resistance against transphobia in Pakistan. She has conducted ample sessions in variable panel discussions and seminars. Having been able to study to get a Bachelor’s degree in business studies, Sid has worked for a visa consultancy firm before getting into the media fraternity.

Kami SidHaving garnered immense fame after her walk on the ramp for the first time in Pakistan’s history, Sid has become a pioneer to take a massive social issue to the screens. She has initiated a short film entitled ‘Rani’ which has taken the industry by storm. The movie has become a part of Newport Beach Film Festival which will commence from April 26 to May 3, 2018, in Orange County, California. The festival displays multi-genre visual stories from across the world.

Soon after the news came out, the protagonist shared her utmost pleasure in a social media post.


The movie is all set to be screened on April 30th, during the session, ‘A Short Moment Of Decision’. The film showcases Sid’s life and her struggle to be accepted in the society.

We are really proud of you Kami Sid! More power to you!

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