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Khasara Comes To A Point Of The Ultimate 'Khasara'!

Khasara Comes To A Point Of The Ultimate 'Khasara'!

Khasara happens to be one of those dramas that grab the total attention of their spectators from the first scene until the last episode. Having a flamboyant cast, Khasara is the perfect amalgam of happiness, excitement, love, sorrow, revenge, and regrets.

Monis, played by the dapper, Junaid Khan and Sila, played by the immensely talented, Sonia Mishal, live a beautiful life with their two sons in a village called Ranipur. Monis is a railway officer and he earns well to fill up the tummies of his entire family. First few episodes have depicted an exceptional amount of love they possess for each other. Their children are also happy with whatever they have, making the family, an ideal one.

KhasaraOn the other hand, Linta, played by the gorgeous, Sarwat Gillani and Mohtasim, played by the handsome, Mikaal Zulfiqar, are not very happy with each other, having a lack of trust and loyalty between them. Mohtasim has a Casanova character and is in a relationship with his secretary. Linta comes to know about his affair, resulting in his secretary’s firing. In spite of being forgiven by Linta time and again, Mohtasim still meets his ex-secretary for obvious reasons. Linta is a dominating wife and she tries to control Mohtasim because all the businesses and properties are owned by her.

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Linta and Mohtasim go to Ranipur to find a place for their factory and meet Monis and his family because Mohtasim and Monis have been childhood friends. Sila gets impressed by the apparent glamour and beautification of the couple. She becomes excessively curious to know about how things are in a city like Karachi. Albeit declining continuously, Monis agrees to take Sila and kids to Karachi. Going from a place like Ranipur to a metropolitan like Karachi, Sila’s mind literally gets numb, seeing the extraordinary lifestyle oozing out of everything Linta and Mohtasim use.

KhasaraUpon returning back to Ranipur, Sila demands to shift to Karachi for the sake of children’s bright future. She starts losing interest in her decent husband, thinking about how Linta and Mohtasim were living. Their younger son gets seriously sick and the doctor in Ranipur asks for a surgery. She calls Mohtasim and tells him everything without her husband’s consent. He invites them over and takes their son to a better doctor.

KhasaraSila consistently asks Monis to leave Ranipur and find a job in Karachi so that the children will have a better education and the entire family will have a proper lifestyle. Meanwhile, ties between Mohtasim and Linta get worse, resulting in fierce arguments and Linta telling him that he is mere nothing without her. She calls him a “planet” and herself the “sun” around which a planet revolves. She looks for an appropriate assistant for Mohtasim but she fails because of the insecurity. On the other hand, Sila calls Mohtasim to find a job for her husband so that they could come and live in the city. Mohtasim asks whether he can call Monis to be his assistant and Linta agrees at first, to later decline. She further asks him to stop meeting Monis and his “over-friendly” wife.

KhasaraMohtasim calls Monis to tell him about the job but he declines at first. Sila fights with Monis and leaves with her children for Karachi. Mohtasim, without telling Linta, takes the family to his other house. Monis resigns to come to his family in Karachi. He is spell bounded to see the gigantic house Mohtasim has given them. Due to Linta’s disapproval of appointing Monis, Mohtasim asks one of his friends to appoint Monis.

Monis sees his wife talking about Mohtasim ample times which makes him rather uncomfortable. He finds out about the hidden meetings of the two and warns Sila about Mohtasim’s intentions. While Monis is away, Mohtasim, on his way to pick Linta from the farmhouse, takes Sila and her younger son with him. Due to extreme rain, they are asked to stay till the morning. Upon their arrival, they find out Monis already sitting in the house. He yells at both of them and asks Mohtasim to leave. Monis asks Sila to pack the bags because they are leaving for Ranipur, forever. They leave Mohtasim’s house as well. Sila goes to meet Mohtasim and Linta finds out about them. She calls Monis and tells him everything while chasing them two in her car. When Sila gets off, Linta slaps her hard, blaming her for spoiling Mohtasim. Monis also scolds Sila and asks her to leave Karachi with him, first thing in the next morning.

KhasaraSila disagrees but Monis leaves without her anyway. Sila calls Mohtasim, asking him to leave her and her sons to the railway station so that she could get on the train but he takes them to his house anyway. He proposes Sila and asks her to take all the time she wants to take the decision. Sila’s elder son, Afaq hears everything and decides to run away. He rushes to the railway station and calls Monis which makes him come back for his suffering child.

KhasaraHe opens the door with his heart breaking into a million pieces, seeing his spouse hugging his best friend. He divorces Sila and leaves with his children with tears flowing haphazardly from his eyes. He takes them both to Ranipur but Sila and Mohtasim go behind them to bring back the children. Mohtasim gets divorce papers signed by Monis so that he could marry Sila sooner. Sila asks her sons to go with her but in the midst of cries, anger, and sorrow, Afaq refuses and chooses to stay with Monis. Watching Sila helpless for the first time in the entire drama seems like just the start of her miseries as Monis says that they can never live happily ever.


This potpourri of immense sorrow and unprecedented regrets delineates the growing tumor of immoral extramarital affairs in our society. Dramas are made to highlight the issues, from primary to complex, along with their aftermaths in order to educate people about the potential dangers.

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