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Will Farwa ever change?

Will Farwa ever change?

After good days, bad days, bearable days, and worse days in Main Hari Piya, Farwa leaves the house. Apart from all the necessary stuff, she also takes Saad with her; the same Saad she became the part of Fawad and Sarah’s life for.

Fawad’s mother convinced Sarah to let the love of her life marry another woman because she wanted him to have a baby. Sarah, thinking of herself as a hindrance in the completion of Fawad’s family, chose her best friend Farwa to divide her husband’s love and attention with.

Little did she know she was welcoming a storm, not only in her life but in the life of every person associated with her.

Farwa, on the other hand, declined at first, but as soon as she started to enjoy the perks and privileges, she made sure to enjoy every bit of being Fawad’s wife. She got her wicked brother appointed in Fawad’s organization, to start with. She not only started to hate Sarah out of jealousy, but she also played a catalyst in making Fawad and his mother question Sarah’s character. She humiliated Sarah to a point where the latter decided to just leave.

Saad’s birth was supposed to be a fresh breath of air for the entire household but Farwa never stopped torturing Sarah. Soon, all her schemes were unveiled and she apologized to Sarah for everything. However, she had had worse games in mind. She demanded a separate house and Sarah obviously condoned it.

In the latest episode when Sarah was all excited to meet Saad; the child she loved like her own, she was again humiliated by Farwa but she did not hold back. Instead, she gave Farwa a reality check, a bittersweet reality that she had almost forgotten.

The teaser for tonight’s episode suggests something great is about to happen in Sarah and Fawad’s life. But apparently, Farwa does not seem to take the news well. She screams her heart out in agony, discomfort, and jealousy.

Do you think Farwa will accept the reality or will she continue to conspire against Sarah? Will she ever be able to make room in Fawad’s heart? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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