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Meet Major Samia, to know the essence of Sinf e Aahan

Meet Major Samia, to know the essence of Sinf e Aahan

The recent talk of the town, Sinf e Aahan is being praised in Pakistan and across the world due to such a beautifully woven storyline and direction. Every actor in the ensemble cast brings their A-game to the visual delight.

The drama has recently shed light on the lives of cadets and people cannot stop talking about how impressed they are, with the decorum, discipline, and grace. The Sinf e Aahan girls are headed by their Platoon Commander Major Samia to different parts of their residence, called Company Lines.


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Did you know Major Samia Rehman actually belongs to the Pakistan Army, even when the cameras are not recording? Major Samia has not only served as an Operational Officer on a United Nations’ mission in Congo, but she also made Pakistan proud at the international podium by winning UN Special Representative for Secretary-General (SRSG) certificate for the year 2019.

Major Samia, her persistence and dedication got global attention in May 2020 when United Nations tweeted her photo and named her “Peacekeeper of the Day.” According to Gulf News, “Operational Planning Officer on UN mission in Democratic Republic of Congo, Major Rehman was supposed to report back to Pakistan on April 6 (2020), but she was unable to reunite with her family because of the suspension of international commercial flight operations due to the coronavirus outbreak.”

The megaproject is about seven courageous women and their inspirational devotion to become a part of the Pakistan Army. Apart from Dananeer Mobeen, Sinf e Aahan, or Women of Steel, features Sajal Aly as Rabia Safeer, Kubra Khan as Mahjabeen Mastaan, Yumna Zaidi as Shaista Khanzada, Ramsha Khan as Pariwesh Jamal, Syra Yousuf as Arzoo Daniel, and Sri Lankan actress Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa as Nathmy Perrera in leading roles.

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