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Malala's Biopic, Gul Makai's Trailer Is Giving Us All the Feels!

Malala's Biopic, Gul Makai's Trailer Is Giving Us All the Feels!

The biopic of the ultimate pride of Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai has released its poster a few weeks back, that got immense fame and admiration from all horizons of the world. The flick entitled, ‘Gul Makai’ delineates a girl, (Reem Shaikh), dressed as Malala, holding an open book in her hands which has caught fire. This poster itself speaks at length about the life of Malala.

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July 12 marks the birthday of our beloved Nobel laureate and on this occasion, the first look of Gul Makai has been revealed and it gives a burst of emotions albeit rather instantly, sending us in an era where the entire country was burning. The trailer of one minute and thirty-one seconds has so much to offer that it has been watched almost 15 Million times.


Shot extensively in the midst of Kashmir, this trailer starts off with the majestic voice of the veteran, Kabeer Bedi, booming in the background, telling the spectators about the true meaning of Jihaad and about the people who have been brainwashing innocents for their immoral intentions. He further goes on to say that a voice arose from a very small village, Swat, unveiling the protagonist of the film, Reem Sheikh, donned as Malala. She asks her mother the reason she is named Malala since it means someone enduring sorrow. Her mother, played by the uber talented, Divya Dutta, in a response to her question, says that Malala was the name of a 17 years old Afghan girl who wrote a song for the Afghan army to boost their confidence while they were in a state of war with the British.

Gul Makai delineates the story of courage and resilience that overshadowed fright and oppression. It caters the brave journey and unwavering struggle of the Nobel peace prize winner, Malala Yousafzai, from her simple upbringing in the small village of Swat to her becoming an ambassador for free and equal education for all, irrespective of their gender or class.

Directed by Amjad Khan, Gul Makai features National award-winning actors like Divya Dutta, Late Om Puri, Atul Kulkarni and Reem Shaikh along with the research, screenplay, and dialogues done by Bhaswati Chakrabarty.

The flick is all set to enthrall the cinemas globally, later this year and we are hands down looking forward to the release of Gul Makai.


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