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Mann Aangan | The quest of uncaging yourself

Mann Aangan | The quest of uncaging yourself

Mann Aangan is a unique story of a house where the eldest and the only son-in-law is running the household. The younger two sisters and his mother-in-law are so dependent on him that he even decides where they’ll be studying and where not.

Winds of rebellion start when the middle daughter,  Mahnoor, tries to break this cycle and takes a step towards independence.

Anmol Baloch as Mahnoor is the main lead of the drama. Mahnoor is the second daughter of her father. She’s educated and confident; unlike her elder sister, she wants to complete her studies and do something for herself and her family.

Zain Baig as Faraz belongs to a middle class background. He is an educated guy who knows how to maintain balance in relationships. He always wants to see his better half succeed in life.

Shazeal Shoukat as Ramsha is the youngest sister of Mahnoor. She is a university student. She is outspoken and selfish; at the same time she gets easily influenced by anyone.

Raeed Alam as Mahir is the younger brother of Faraz who studies with Ramsha in her university. Mahir is an opportunist and a greedy person who can get as rude and selfish as one can be.

Aliya Ali as Areeba is the elder sister of Mahnoor who is married to Saqlain. She is hot-headed and trusts her husband blindly. She fears her husband will leave her as she couldn’t give him children.

Imran Aslam as Saqlain is Areeba’s husband. He is cunning and only keeps his interest first. He portrays his innocence in his in-laws and seems like he is the one facing their issues while actually he is the reason of all their problems.

Those who are born in cages, think flying is an illness.

Written By: Nadia Ahmed

Directed By: Hisham Syed & Salman Sirhindi


  • Anmol Baloch
  • Zain Baig
  • Shazeal Shoukat
  • Raeed Alam
  • Seemi Pasha
  • Imran Aslam
  • Aliya Ali
  • Seemi Pasha
  • Kinza Malik
  • Areej Choudhary

Mann Aangan airs everyday at 7 PM.

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